Why The Quick Second Lifetime of Bree Tanner Was By no means Tailored


The Quick Second Lifetime of Bree Tanner was a Twilight spinoff novella launched on the peak of the saga’s recognition, so why was it by no means tailored?

Though the e-book was a bestseller upon its 2010 launch, there’s a good cause that the Twilight saga spinoff novella The Quick Second Lifetime of Bree Tanner by no means acquired a film adaptation. It’s notoriously difficult for film studios to capitalize on popular culture phenomenon which are well-liked amongst youngsters. For each hit franchise that manages to ensnare the curiosity of grownup viewers, like The Starvation Video games, there are costly flops whose target market outgrow the supply materials earlier than their diversifications may even hit theaters, just like the (still-unfinished) Divergent film collection.

The Twilight films appear to fall within the first camp as, whereas the franchise by no means wooed many grownup viewers, the diversifications of Stephenie Meyers’ novel saga had been financially profitable. The Twilight diversifications principally managed to strike whereas the collection was nonetheless well-liked and profit from the saga’s success earlier than its target market aged out of caring about Staff Jacob and Staff Edward. Nonetheless, this did imply that the variety of Twilight display screen diversifications was restricted, ensuing within the spinoff novella The Quick Second Lifetime of Bree Tanner by no means receiving a film of its personal.


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Launched in 2010 to coincide with the arrival of Eclipse’s film adaptation, The Quick Second Lifetime of Bree Tanner was a quick e-book that stuffed within the blanks of the title character’s story. Sadly for the eponymous Bree, her second life was unhappy, short-lived, and bleaker than many of the Twilight saga. Twilight’s adaptation lower quite a few main character deaths from its authentic script to make sure the film’s story didn’t get too brutal, so it’s unlikely that the studio would ever have dedicated to adapting the grim The Quick Second Lifetime of Bree Tanner on the massive display screen. Nonetheless, even exterior of this tonal imbalance, there are a number of causes that the novella was by no means made right into a film regardless of being a bestseller on the peak of the Twilight saga’s recognition.

The Quick Second Lifetime of Bree Tanner Defined

Twilight Eclipse book cover refernece

The Quick Second Lifetime of Bree Tanner is a brief interquel that explains who Bree Tanner was earlier than her dying, rebirth, and subsequent second dying. It principally focuses on the new child vampire’s doomed romance with Fred, and finally culminates in her being executed below the Volturi’s orders. Though this act established Twilight’s Volturi because the saga’s greatest and darkest villain, that alone was not sufficient cause for the novella to advantage a standalone film adaptation. Because the title implies, The Quick Second Lifetime of Bree Tanner didn’t have a lot plot to cowl, and what little story the novella had was deeply miserable. Nonetheless, that was not the one subject with a proposed adaptation.

The Quick Second Lifetime of Bree Tanner’s Interquel Drawback

Happening halfway via the motion of Eclipse, The Quick Second Lifetime of Bree Tanner was an interquel that targeted on a facet character on the identical time that the principle story came about, and the e-book did not add a lot to Eclipse‘s plot in the way in which of the story. Interquels, whereas typically fascinating to hardcore audiences, are by design alienating to informal viewers and are typically the area of novelizations and straight-to-DVD spinoffs. Eclipse was Twilight’s most underrated film adaptation exactly as a result of director David Slade trimmed numerous fats from the supply story and made a pointy, fast-paced adaptation of a novel that some critics known as languid and plodding. Thus, spending extra time on the destiny of a minor character would have been antithetical to this intention, and the endeavor was unlikely to be worthwhile in monetary phrases in addition to inventive phrases.

Why The Quick Second Lifetime of Bree Tanner Would Be A Dangerous Film

Twilight Eclipse Bree Tanner

Twilight‘s viewers largely didn’t care sufficient about Bree Tanner to shell out the worth of a cinema ticket for her destiny, and the franchise’s creators knew that. Though her actor Jodelle Ferland has impressed viewers each earlier than and since, Bree merely wasn’t all that properly fleshed-out. As confirmed by Rosalie Hale’s darkish Twilight backstory, there have been extra attention-grabbing facet characters for Eclipse to focus its runtime on, and followers would possible have most well-liked a derivative that depicted the Cullen household’s backstories in additional element versus an adaptation of The Quick Second Lifetime of Bree Tanner. A glimpse on the novella’s critiques – each from on the web discussion board Goodreads and from critics on the time of its launch – echo this sentiment. A lot of the Twilight fandom was in settlement that Bree Tanner was the final character who wanted a self-contained undertaking dedicated to them, that means they’d be unlikely to care a few standalone film following the character’s story.

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The Quick Second Lifetime of Bree Tanner Was (Kind Of) Tailored

Twilight Eclipse

Bree’s story is closely condensed by the frantic motion of Eclipse (as a substitute of being elided solely, like Victoria’s villainous Twilight backstory), however she does seem onscreen for lengthy sufficient to be established as a tragic determine and to be killed off. Because of this, an adaptation of The Quick Second Lifetime of Bree Tanner would don’t have any cause to exist, because the film would solely serve to retread this territory. The plot was already scarcely diverting sufficient to maintain a novella, however the truth that its most essential moments had been already featured in Eclipse’s film adaptation made any potential film all of the extra pointless.

The Quick Second Lifetime of Bree Tanner Might Nonetheless Work (On TV)

A collage of the faces of Bree, Jane, Aro and Benjamin in the Twilight movies

Whereas it could appear as if The Quick Second Lifetime of Bree Tanner has no potential as an adaptation, that’s not fairly the entire story. Now that Meyers doesn’t intend to broaden the Twilight franchise and 2020’s best-selling Twilight retelling Midnight Solar can’t get a film adaptation, a small-screen reimagining of the novella may reignite curiosity within the collection. The Quick Second Lifetime of Bree Tanner is the one franchise property that could possibly be tailored as a self-contained Twilight-related collection with out the franchise needing to recast main characters comparable to Jacob, Bella, and Edward since none of them play main roles within the story. In 2022, at over a decade’s elimination from the unique popular culture phenomenon, The Quick Second Lifetime of Bree Tanner may deliver new viewers to Twilight with out undoing any of the unique saga’s affect by telling a brand new, barely-related story set in the identical universe. Whether or not The Quick Second Lifetime of Bree Tanner will ever be tailored stays to be seen, however the Twilight spinoff novella does have potential as soon as the creators avoid the massive display screen.

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