Who is the Monster in Wednesday
Who is the Monster in Wednesday


Who is the Monster in Wednesday?

Warning: Spoilers for Wednesday follow. If you’ve begun watching Netflix’s new Addams Family revival, you might be wondering who the Monster is on Wednesday and how season one ends.

Wednesday, a Netflix spinoff of The Addams Family, follows Wednesday Addams, a 16-year-old with psychic abilities, as she goes to Jericho, Vermont, to attend Nevermore Academy, a school for hideous outcasts that her parents, Gomez and Morticia Addams, formerly attended.

Tim Burton executive produces and directs the series, which is based on Charles Addams’ New Yorker cartoon, The Addams Family, about a weird, macabre family of goths, which was adapted into a TV series of the same name in 1964.

In 1991, the animation was adapted into a film of the same name, which was followed by a sequel, Addams Family Values, in 1993.

Jenna Ortega, who portrays Wednesday in Wednesday, revealed to STYLECASTER in June 2022 that she was cast in the title role while filming the horror thriller X.

“I was filming X in New Zealand at the time, and we were conducting night shots.” I’d been awake for over 24 hours. “I was informed I had to call Tim Burton at the conclusion of my day,” she explained at the time.

“I was wearing prosthetics, had a large cut across my lip, and glycerin in my hair, so it was all greasy and peely.” I was exhausted and delirious when I answered the phone. I worked on two scenes.

I wasn’t interested in doing another television series since I’ve done so many before, and I’ve been doing more cinema. But Tim—even meeting him would have been a privilege.”

“Plus, Wednesday has never really been depicted in the Latina light, even though she is Hispanic, and I think that’s incredibly important,” she concluded. It would be nice to provide that depth and degree of representation to ladies who look like me or who are members of my community.

I shared my reading with them. I wasn’t feeling very secure in my reading. ‘Do you think this would’ve been better?’ I recall sending my mum videos of me doing the scenes subsequently. Maybe I should’ve taken this route.’ The actual filming of the show was fascinating.

There were so many various directions we could’ve gone with this character. That seems strange since she’s deadpan. Nevertheless, even while filming, we attempted so many different readings and choices. I hope it is something that people agree with and like. We tried to do something a little different. I just hope it’s appreciated well and that I do her honor.”

So let’s get back to the Monster on Wednesday. So, who exactly is the Monster on Wednesday? Continue reading to find out who the Monster is on Wednesday and what occurred at the end of the first season of the Addams Family spinoff.

What exactly is the Wednesday Monster?

Who is the Monster in Wednesday

What exactly is the Wednesday Monster? The Monster first appeared in Wednesday’s first episode, when Wednesday Addams, a 16-year-old with psychic abilities, is nearly killed by her fellow telekinetic classmate Rowan Laslow but is saved by the Monster, who then murders Rowan Laslow.

Wednesday persuades Sheriff Donovan Galpin that the recent killings in Jericho, Vermont—the town Wednesday travels to attend Nevermore Academy, the same school her parents, Gomez and Morticia Addams, attended—were committed by the Monster.

Police discover a camera that caught an image of the Monster while investigating the Monster.

Wednesday and the Thing, a disembodied hand and a relative sent by her family to keep an eye on her, go into the coroner’s office to steal information on the Monster’s victims and discover that each victim had body parts surgically removed.

Wednesday suspects Xavier Thorpe, a classmate with the ability to bring his work to life, and uncovers sketches of the monster in Xavier’s art studio. She follows the pictures to the Monster’s lair, where she collects one of the creature’s claws and brings it to Sheriff Galpin.

Wednesday believes Eugene is in danger after witnessing a hooded figure detonating the Monster’s cave, and finds him in the forest severely hurt by the Monster.

Later, Wednesday arrives at the Gates estate, the house of Laurel Gates, a relative of Garrett Gates (a former Nevermore student murdered by Morticia 30 years ago), who is thought to be dead but may still be alive.

Wednesday uncovers severed body parts from the Monster’s victims in a cellar within the mansion but is forced to flee before she can explore more when she is assaulted by the Monster.

As she returns to the cellar, she discovers that it is empty. Wednesday later sees Uncle Fester, who informs her that the Monster she’s been examining is a Hyde.

Wednesday sneaks into Nevermore’s library and learns in Nathaniel Faulkner’s book about pariah groups that Hydes are “artists by nature, but equally vicious in character.” She also discovers that Hydes are usually accompanied by a master.

“Born of mutation,” Nathaniel said, “the Hyde lies dormant until unleashed by a traumatic incident or unlocked by pharmacological enticement or hypnosis.” “As a result, the Hyde forms an instant link with its rescuer, whom the creature now regards as its master.” It becomes an eager tool for whatever malevolent objective this new lord has in mind.”

Who is the Monster in Wednesday?

Who is the Monster in Wednesday

What is the identity of the Monster in Wednesday? Tyler Galpin is the correct answer. In Wednesday’s seventh episode, the Jericho police capture Xavier, whom Wednesday suspects are the Monster.

Wednesday kisses Tyler Galpin, Sheriff Galpin’s son, with whom she goes on a date after Xavier’s incarceration. Wednesday has a glimpse of Tyler as Hyde during their kiss and learns he is the Monster.

Wednesday and her friends trick Tyler into going to the jungle, where they abduct and torture him in order to get a confession. Tyler admits to being the Monster in the police station.

Wednesday’s students, who disagree with her techniques, inform Nevermore’s administrator, Larissa Weems, about Wednesday’s torture of Tyler, and she is imprisoned. Tyler reveals he is the Monster in the police station after confessing to being a Hyde.

Who is the Monster’s master in Wednesday?

Who is the Monster in Wednesday

On Wednesday, who is the Monster’s master? Marilyn Thornhill is the correct answer. Wednesday accuses her therapist, Dr. Valerie Kinbott, of being the Monster’s master after seeing Xavier, her initial suspect, meet up with Dr. Kinbott in the woods.

When Dr. Kinbott is slain by the Hyde and Tyler is revealed to be the Monster, Wednesday discovers that the Monster’s master is Marilyn Thornhill, a botany teacher at Nevermore (played by Christina Ricci, who earlier portrayed Wednesday in 1991’s The Addams Family film).

She discovers this after Eugene informs her that she spotted a figure in the Monster’s cave wearing red boots similar to Ms. Thornhill’s. Principal Weems and Wednesday use Ms. Thornhill’s shapeshifting abilities to force her to reveal her actual identity.

Ms. Thornhill discloses that she is, in reality, Laurel Gates, Garrett Gates’s long-lost aunt. Ms. Thornhill/Laurel murders Principal Weems and subdues Wednesday after her confession.

Laurel resurrects Joseph Crackstone, Jericho’s forefather who desires to kill all misfits, using Wednesday’s blood. Wednesday’s roommate, Enid Sinclair, transforms into a werewolf and beats Tyler.

Wednesday overcomes Crackstone before he can destroy Nevermore after being spared by Goody, she departed ancestor whom she sometimes encounters in dreams. Wednesday and Eugene then triumph over Gates. Wednesday’s first season concludes with Xavier’s release from jail and Wednesday’s departure from Nevermore, which closes for the remainder of the semester.

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