Where to Watch Harry Potter Movies
Where to Watch Harry Potter Movies

Where to Watch Harry Potter Movies

Could your life use a little extra magic? How about a return to Hogwarts? Discover Where to Watch Harry Potter Movies right now.

Where to Watch Harry Potter Movies
Where to Watch Harry Potter Movies

Do you fancy taking a trip back to Hogwarts and need to know where to watch the Harry Potter films?

If you want to know where you can stream all eight Harry Potter films, one of the most successful film franchises of all time, here are the best places to do so right now.

The films tell the story of a young orphan boy who survives a murder attempt by a powerful sorcerer with nothing more than a lightning-shaped scar on his forehead.

Harry discovers he is a wizard at the age of eleven, flees his abusive relatives, and enrolls in Hogwarts, a school of magic.

Harry Potter, with the assistance of his two best friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, uncovers the mysteries of his past and confronts Lord Voldemort, the evil sorcerer who murdered his parents and will now stop at nothing until he kills Harry as well.

Where can you view everything? The story is currently unfolding on Amazon Prime Video.

Lessons Learned from The Boy Who Lived

The Boy Who Lived, who faced off against the evil Lord Voldemort in the Wizarding World, has been the subject of eight films between 2001 and 2011, with a spin-off series, Fantastic Beasts, beginning production in 2016. The Harry Potter film series is one of the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful film franchises of all time.

You can now stream Harry, Ron, and Hermione’s incredible journey and relive the magic of Harry Potter’s world.

If you wish to return to Hogwarts, here is where you can watch it online right now.

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The Extraordinary Adventures of an Unexpected Hero

Harry Potter began as a book series written by J.K. Rowling, with the first installment, The Philosopher’s Stone, published in 1997.

Since then, seven novels, multiple spin-off books, a sequel play, and eight blockbuster films have been based on the Boy Who Lived. The film series has grossed $25.9 billion at the box office as of 2022.

Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson star in all of the films as the Golden Trio, with acting legends including Dame Maggie Smith, Michael Gambon, Emma Thompson, and the late Alan Rickman completing the cast.

Ralph Fiennes, Helena Bonham Carter, and Imelda Staunton have portrayed memorable characters that fans love to despise in this series.

The success of the films has led to the opening of five theme parks around the world, allowing visitors to visit popular locations and experience their favorite aspects of the films in real life.

Without the success of the books and films, Harry Potter would likely not have become the franchise it is today.

Where to Watch Harry Potter Movies

Where to Watch Harry Potter Movies
Where to Watch Harry Potter Movies

It is simple to locate the Harry Potter series online. Despite not being available on Netflix, Disney Plus, Paramount Plus, or Hulu, all of the films are currently available for free on Amazon Prime.

You can start at the beginning of Harry’s story, or you can choose your favorite film from the series. You can also watch the Fantastic Beasts series on Amazon Prime if you want to see what happened before Harry went to Hogwarts.

Return to Hogwarts was released in 2022, marking the 20th anniversary of the beginning of the film series.

Even though Harry Potter’s story concluded with the publication of Deathly Hallows, Part 2, we have not seen the last of the Wizarding World.

In the meantime, you can return to Hogwarts by visiting Amazon Prime.

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  1. I have watched all of the Harry Potter movies and really like the article. 

    The reason for this is NOW I know where to stream / watch All of them again, as some of my DVDs are either scratched, missing, or well used.

    I have also saw Fantastic Beasts and agree that it is best watched before Harry Potter and all of those movies. 

  2. I love the Harry Potter films. I still watch them from time to time and they are really good especially in holidays. I am not sure if they are still available but I remember seeing the wholes series both in HBO Max. Peacock also had them but only in their Premium tier. The other alternative is to get them all on disc, either Blu-ray or 4K UHD which offers the best quality from them all.

  3. Great information on where to watch Harry Potter movies.  I watched them when they first came out, which you mention is 20 years ago.  Now that I have kids and they are old enough, I plan to share them with my kids.  I have yet to see the Fantastic Beasts movies, so I think I will start with those with my kids, then move on the main Harry Potter movies.  Is that a good plan?

  4. Hey thanks for compiling this information together!

    I were thinking to watch the Harry Potter series, the whole of them since it has been quite a while I have watched them, definitely forgot the plot in half of them.

    Harry Potter is definitely a successful franchise!  Thanks for the suggestion, going to check it out! 

    Have a great day!

  5. I have never watched any Harry Potter movies, and then try to watch one when broadcasted on TV I am lost in what is going on as they never play them in order. Have checked Netflix and Hulu streaming as I subscribed to their service but they don’t have it. Am also subscribed to Amazon Prime in stream through my PS5 but was never taught about checking to see if all Harry Potter movies can be watched for free as taught they would be paying a huge amount for each movie as Harry Potter is still popular even though no more movies are being made. Thank you for sharing this, now going to binge-watch and see what Harry Potter is all about. 


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