What's the First Step of Flying on your Broom
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What’s the First Step of Flying on your Broom


What’s the First Step of Flying on your Broom? Do you ever hear about that? Flying was a topic offered at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It was also known as Broom Flight Class. Madam Rolanda Hooch, the Hogwarts Flying Instructor, and Quidditch referee taught it. Students learned how to fly broomsticks in this class.

what's the first step of flying on your broom

History of Flying

Students eagerly awaited the arrival of this class, who frequently told inflated stories about their previous flying accomplishments. Ron Weasley informed everyone who would listen about hitting a hang-glider with Charlie’s old broom.

During the 1988–1989 academic year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. During the Outdoor celebration of magic, Madam Hooch and Professor Silvanus Kettleburn taught fifth-year students.

The Training Grounds how to fly Griffins in a combined Care of Magical Creatures and Flying lesson. Jacob’s younger brother was picked to fly the Griffin gift. He found the experience thrilling.

Madam Hooch had to leave Harry Potter‘s first flying lesson unattended after Neville Longbottom crashed and fell from his broomstick. Draco Malfoy spotted a Remembrall that Neville had dropped while she was away and flew away with it when Harry wanted it back.

Harry followed Malfoy on his broomstick. Although having never flown before. He was able to control the broom with ease, catching the Remembrall in a 50-foot dive when Malfoy threw it.


Professor McGonagall observed the catch, and instead of penalizing Harry for failing to stay on the ground as Madam Hooch had instructed. She offered him a spot on the Gryffindor Quidditch team as a Seeker.

The Hogwarts brooms, according to Fred and George Weasley, were not very excellent. The brooms did strange things like fly too far to the left and vibrate slightly when flown too high.

During the 2017–2018 school year, while Madam Hooch was teaching first-year students how to summon their brooms, pupils like Yann Fredericks and Rose Granger-Weasley were extremely successful.

However, Albus Potter, Harry Potter’s son, failed to summon his broom. Much to his embarrassment.

What’s the First Step of Flying on your Broom

What's the First Step of Flying on your Broom

The purpose of these lessons was primarily to provide students with a basic understanding of the most fundamental principles underlying the study of broomology.

Namely, how to handle a broom and gradually work on various techniques and manoeuvres performed while in flight, as well as receiving proper instructions on the subject of proper broom care and maintenance.


During Madam Rolanda Hooch’s tenure. She would frequently warn her students against erratic flying, emphasizing the importance of remaining focused.

As the consequences of becoming distracted or taking unnecessary risks while in the air could, in the worst-case scenario, cause the rider to slide off their broom and fall to their deaths.

Enchanted rings were employed to direct flying in some sessions.

First Step of Flying on your Broom

What's the First Step of Flying on your Broom

Forbidden from bringing their own brooms to school in their first year. Students were given a school broom, which was ancient and of low quality but enough for teaching children to fly.

While every student was required to take flying in the first step. They had to learn the basics before moving on to the second year.

  • Summon broom: Before any student was permitted to ride a broomstick. They had to become acquainted with the one that was given to them The first stage of which included calling the broom without touching it. To do this, the pupils would have to stand on the left side of it. Stretch out with their right hand, and pronounce the phrase “Up!” “with feeling.” If they had succeeded, the broom would have leapt up to their hand.
  • Mount broom: After successfully summoning the brooms. The flying teacher would demonstrate how to mount one’s brooms without sliding off the end. As well as correct pupils on how to hold the broom.
  • Liftoff and landing: Once ready to attempt the fundamentals of flying. A crucial stage for broom riding was to demonstrate the ability to manage the broom to the degree of rising up in the air and safely returning down. Students would be told to push off from the ground forcefully, rise a few feet in the air while holding their brooms firm, and then return to the ground straight by leaning forward slightly.





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  1. You nearly got me! I thought it was for real! Yes, in Harry Potter, they have to learn how to fly on their broom. So the steps you mentioned seem to be simple, but the students needed lots of practice, focus and concentration to succeed. Do you think that this was their only basic lesson? Did they have to learn others? Thanks.

  2. The way you have written this article makes one feel like it is for real and anyone could learn to fly on a broom. Wouldn’t this be amazing. But it is always fun to have a bit of fantasy in your life and Harry Potter is fantasy at a whole new level. 
    what would life be without some escapism into these new and very imaginative worlds. 

  3. This is so fun and awesome!
    They do really need to learn how to use their broom to fly in Harry Potter.
    The procedures you listed may appear straightforward, but the pupils need a lot of practice, attention, and concentration to succeed.
    One gets the impression from reading this article that anyone can learn to fly on a broom because of the way it was written.
    Oh, wouldn’t it be wonderful.
    But having some imagination in your life is always enjoyable, and Harry Potter takes fantasy to a whole other level.

  4. I loved that the article can be interpreted in different ways. Personally, I thought the author was telling the importance of being focused on whatever it is you want to learn, and not skip around the steps just so you can hurry and do the task at hand. Patience is key.

  5. The visuals I imagined were so real and logical that I was about to ask where could I join!

    The logical in-depth reasoning of Mrs Hootchback about the tilts and vibrations of the brooms is Science more than art. 

    Comments on the quite of Broom and dissatisfaction over it gives room to improve it further- like in any of our modern aircraft design. 

    Great way to story- telling. Simply loved it.



  6. Learning how to fly your new broomstick must be quite a daunting prospect, specially if you are also new to Hogwarts and not feeling very confident. I can remember vividly as a little girl, getting the broom out of the kitchen cupboard, and trying with my sisters to get lift-off. We even contemplated jumping off the shed roof, but alas, we never took to the skies!

    Maybe a stint in Hogwarts would have done the trick. 

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