What Happened to the Dursleys
What Happened to the Dursleys


What Happened to the Dursleys in the End?


In the Harry Potter series, the Dursleys were not very popular. But, What Happened to the Dursleys in the End??

Once the events of Harry Potter were over, what became of the Dursley family? For the whole of the film series, Richard Griffiths, Fiona Shaw, and Harry Melling, respectively, gave their performances in the roles of Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia, and Dudley Dursley, respectively.

The fact that Harry was a wizard was kept a secret from Vernon and Petunia because they feared the link that he had to the magical world. In addition, they showed Harry a tremendous deal of neglect by locking him up in the closet located under the stairs.

They did a far better job of taking care of their son Dudley by doting on him and caving into all of the boy’s persistent requests.

After Harry’s enrollment at Hogwarts, the Dursleys were eventually coerced into acknowledging Harry’s actual identity. They began to make some tiny modifications in the way that they treated Harry, but they continued to be unwilling to interact with anybody from the Wizarding World.

J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter novel, has dropped hints about what happened to the despicable Dursleys ever since the last book in the series was published.


Although Harry’s connection with Uncle Vernon and the rest of the Dursley family didn’t improve all that much as he grew older, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows marked the beginning of a shift for the better in that dynamic.

What Happened to the Dursleys in the End?

What Happened to the Dursleys
What Happened to the Dursleys?

Because of the danger posed by Lord Voldemort and the Death Eaters, Vernon, Petunia, and Dudley Dursley were compelled to leave their house and seek refuge with the Order of the Phoenix.

Dudley Dursley, Harry’s cousin, was the only member of the Dursley family who showed any desire in making amends with Harry. Even though Harry thought it was a joke at first, Melling’s Dudley Dursley had given Him a cup of tea to drink before the family left their house. Harry was a Harry Potter fan.

After that, Dudley gave Harry a goodbye handshake and shook his hand as they parted ways. Petunia Dursley was about to wish Harry well before she and her family left, but she couldn’t bring herself to say the words. Petunia gave off the impression that she was faithful to Harry, but the truth is that she buried such sentiments deep inside herself.

Rowling revealed that Dudley had gone on to marry and become the father of two children before the Second Wizarding War began. According to the legend, Harry knew how to get along with the Dursleys since he included them on his list of people to send Christmas cards to.

For reasons that are self-evident, Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia, the latter of whom had a hidden desire for the ability to cast spells, didn’t spend much time with their nephew. On the other side, Dudley got back together with Harry on a few occasions so that their children could spend time together playing. Even though they had grown up together, this was a significant shift in the nature of their relationship.


Why the conclusion of Harry Potter involving the Dursleys is just right: What Happened to the Dursleys?

What Happened to the Dursleys
What Happened to the Dursleys

During the whole of the Harry Potter books and films, Harry was subjected to unending torment at the hands of the Dursleys. Rowling chose the best possible conclusion, despite the fact that a little bit more justice might have been done.

With all of the mistreatment he suffered at the hands of Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon, it is natural for Harry to have a negative attitude toward them as he says goodbye. It would have been disingenuous to give the Dursley family a joyful ending that they did not merit if they had reconciled with one another.

It is to everyone’s advantage that Vernon and Petunia were taken to safety with little word from Harry since this was the most agreeable conclusion that the family could achieve. There is evidence that Dudley Dursley underwent personal development during the events depicted in the Harry Potter novels.

Dudley was a different man after the assault by the Dementor in Little Whinging, and he learned to accept Harry a bit more as time went on. His parents did not go through the same journey, but at least Dudley was able to say goodbye to Harry in a manner that was semi-proper.

Even though they were discussed in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, the Dursleys did not make an appearance in the story. It was discovered that Petunia had gone away before the year 2020, although the cause of her passing away was not discussed at any point.

Fans of Harry Potter have never stopped harboring the hope that Petunia would eventually acknowledge her ties to the Wizarding Realm. Their dreams have been crushed, but at least Dudley ultimately worked up the confidence to alter his conduct, which is a sign that Harry’s contagious kindness is having an effect on others.


Commercials for public information served as a source of creativity for the Dursley family.

What Happened to the Dursleys
What Happened to the Dursleys

There is no hiding the fact that J.K. Rowling drew a great deal of inspiration for her Harry Potter books from actual events. The Dursley family is, in fact, based on numerous facets of her life that were taken into consideration.

Prior to the launch of the Wizarding World website, there existed a website called Pottermore. Rowling used this platform to provide numerous behind-the-scenes facts about her writing process and ideas. Pottermore will be absorbed into the Wizarding World website in 2019. It was in such a setting that she first divulged information about the Dursley family.

Not only did Rowling disclose that she never liked the name Vernon and that the name Petunia was chosen because it was the name she always gave to “unpleasant” females when playing make-believe as a child, but she also disclosed that the name Durlsey is the name of a town that she had never even visited.

Rowling also revealed an unexpected disclosure regarding the family’s mindset, which was that it was influenced by public service announcements that she saw when she was younger. Such advertisements showed a couple having a picnic while looking on as another person drowned.

It would be appropriate for Uncle Vernon. Vernon Dursley, who only wanted to see things his way, would have been the kind of guy to continue going about his own day regardless of what was happening to others. He would have just wanted to see things his way.


He wouldn’t want the tragedy of another person to come between him and what he was doing. It should come as no surprise that the Harry Potter series never makes any allusions to Vernon‘s potential for atonement in the same manner as it does for Dudley.




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  1. Very interesting article W.W., this subject had crossed my mind once or twice but I’d never actually spent much time pondering the answer or the consequences of exactly how what happened to the Dursleys would play out in regards to the rest of this specific story or the Harry Potter canon as a whole.

    The Dursley family’s indifference is concerning to say the least, especially when considering their genesis was born out of those public service commercials from the author’s youth.

    What do you make personally of the disregard for others that exemplified this family throughout the various stories?

  2. I have watched all the Harry Potter films a number of times.  I have been able to view the films with the music provided by a live orchestra.  That was amazing.  Your article about the Dursley’s was a nice surprise because you encapsulated all the hints and gestures that demonstrated their feelings at the end.  I was happy that there was some reconciliation between Harry and Dudley at the end.  I can’t remember a scene where Dudley lost his tail.  


  3. Well, thank you I am so much better armed for my next pub quiz. But can you, or ” Harry” do me a favour and make sure that a question on the happenings of the Dursleys does actually come up? I feel the way Harry dealt with his situation showed the kindness and positive character within him that followers and admirers of his character would have built their opinion on him. Forgiveness and respect came through like shining lights in his character, and in some ways, it helped me and others to also forgive the Dursleys.

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