Underrated Batman Villains
Underrated Batman Villains

Underrated Batman Villains: DC Officially Crowns

Most readers are unlikely to recall them, yet in the context of Gotham City and its world, these villains are Underrated Batman Villains.

Underrated Batman Villains
Underrated Batman Villains

DC Comics appears to corroborate that The Tweedles is one of Batman’s most underrated foes in Gotham City. They have a long history in DC mythos, dating back to Batman’s legendary exploits in the 1940s.

Dumfree Tweed and Deever Tweed are presented as virtually identical cousins (not genuine twins, as many people believe) who model their misdeeds on iconic Lewis Carroll figures Tweedledee and Tweedledum, two Alice in Wonderland characters that they both happen to resemble.

Despite having quite the pedigree, The Tweedles are sometimes disregarded and forgotten in the great scheme of things, both in canon and in real life.

In their comic book history, the two have served as henchmen for The Joker (though Daffy Duck remains The Joker’s oddest henchperson), members of Lex Luthor’s Secret Society of Super-Villains, and formed their own gang named The Wonderland Gang.

The two have no genuine superpowers unless you count utilizing their fat bodies to bounce off the walls as one.

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Although ludicrous in concept, Batman Killing Time #5 puts The Tweedles’ role in genuine DC canon into a fresh light. There is a war going on in Tom King and David Marquez’s work between goons who represent every crook in Gotham City.

While most villains have many representatives (in some cases, a gang), The Tweedles only have one admirer. The fan, Matthew Kahan, doesn’t put up much of a fight, succumbing to a heart attack almost immediately.

But his presence on behalf of The Tweedles emphasizes the true impact these underappreciated Batman villains had on Gotham City.

Underrated Batman Villains
Underrated Batman Villains

While readers may forget The Tweedles, the actual inhabitants of Gotham appreciate the influence the duo had on their city. Whether they were a part of a greater conspiracy or committed crimes individually.

The two left enough of an impact on Gotham (however minor that imprint may have been) for Gothamites to remember. And, in Matthew Kahan’s case, an influence that at least one Gothamite admires. While there are many underestimated villains in Batman, these two stand out.

This isn’t to say that The Tweedles are any more of a menace than they were before; they’re still just thugs that Batman normally dispatches with ease. But readers shouldn’t dismiss them as if they’re nothing more than comic relief in the greater DC universe.

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