TV Series Wednesday
TV Series Wednesday

TV Series Wednesday Proves Harry Potter Series Could Still Work

Netflix’s TV shows have been a huge hit. The success of TV Series Wednesday suggests that a TV spin-off could be helpful to the Harry Potter franchise.

TV Series Wednesday
TV Series Wednesday

It has been demonstrated that a Harry Potter show could be successful in the future thanks to the achievements of Wednesday, which has garnered significant critical praise as well as audience viewership for Netflix.

The television show has developed into something of a phenomenon in the cultural sphere. For one thing, it has received a rather respectable 71% approval rating from the critics over at Rotten Tomatoes. As critically important, it has also been met with positive reception from audiences, with an average rating of 86%.

As a result, it serves as an instructive model for any potential future adaptations of the Harry Potter series that may be adapted for television.

Similar to the Harry Potter series, Wednesday focuses on a young person who possesses extraordinary abilities; in this case, Wednesday Addams, who is able to see into the past as well as the future.

Wednesday is sent to Nevermore Academy, a school for social outcasts after she is kicked out of a public school. She soon discovers that she is at the center of a mystery, as a monstrous creature is responsible for a string of brutal murders, and she is the only person who may be able to stop it.

During this process, she unearths some ominous details about not only her own history but also the history of the Nevermore and the town of Jericho.

TV Series Wednesday

Characters and the environment of the TV Series Wednesday are very similar to those found in Harry Potter.

TV Series Wednesday
TV Series Wednesday

In a manner analogous to that of Harry Potter, Wednesday takes place at a school that was developed expressly for the education of students with exceptional skills.

In addition, much like the school for young witches and wizards known as Hogwarts, it is also subdivided into a number of different cliques, although these groups are less formal than the houses that are associated with Hogwarts. There are a lot of parallels to be drawn between Harry Potter and Wednesday’s cast of characters.

Included in this is the main character, Wednesday, whose rise from social outcast to heroism mirrors that of Harry Potter, despite the fact that Wednesday herself is not a witch like her ancestor Goody was. Her individual odyssey is, in point of fact, one of the primary draws of the series, and a new Harry Potter series could make use of a character with a similar type in order to attract audience attention.

There are also many parallels to be found in the dynamics of the characters between Wednesday and Harry Potter. Wednesday, just like Harry, quickly makes a trustworthy friend and ally in Enid Sinclair, and just as Ron and Harry, and Hermione frequently compete with one another, Wednesday and Enid Sinclair often find themselves in conflict.

In the same way, Enid and Wednesday have their disagreements, despite the fact that they eventually come to rely on one another. In the person of Principal Larissa Weems, there is also a figure similar to Dumbledore; in addition, Wednesday has monsters and a villain hiding in plain sight.

The origins of Harry Potter could be revisited in a Wizarding World show similar to Wednesday.

TV Series Wednesday
TV Series Wednesday

If Warner Brothers ever chose to produce a television series based on the Harry Potter books in the same vein as Wednesday, it would not be difficult to imagine how successful the show could become.

It would, among other things, bring the franchise back to its roots, which it has, for the most part, abandoned in favor of its cinematic output. The Fantastic Beasts movies have not been successful in attracting audiences because they have very little to do with Hogwarts and the allure of watching characters navigate the complicated world of school politics.

However, if Harry Potter were to move more in the direction of Wednesday, it would bring the franchise back to its beginnings; and Wednesday’s enormous success demonstrates that there is a benefit to returning to the franchise’s roots.

Once more, viewers would be given the opportunity to completely submerge themselves in the environment of a mystical high school, complete with all of the complicated feelings and politics that come along with it.

Once more, viewers might be able to follow a character as they mature into adulthood throughout the course of such a series, even as the character takes part in a variety of perilous adventures.

Although it has been difficult for Fantastic Beasts to achieve the same level of success as the first Harry Potter film, Hogwarts still holds a great deal of untapped narrative potential within its walls.

A new series that takes place there, whether in the time after Voldemort’s defeat or at some other time in history, would do well to follow the example set by Wednesday as a successful reboot. This would be the best way to ensure the series’s continued success.

It is possible that by doing so, Harry Potter will continue to enchant new generations of viewers, who are increasingly turning to the small screen in search of magical tales.

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