Teen Wolf Movie
Teen Wolf Movie

Teen Wolf Movie: When the movie begins, where is Scott McCall?

Tyler Posey, who plays Scott McCall in the next Teen Wolf movie, discusses how his character’s story arc will be more human-centered.

Teen Wolf Movie
Teen Wolf Movie

Scott McCall will have a lot more human story arc in Teen Wolf: The Movie, according to Tyler Posey. To commemorate the fourth anniversary of the show’s end, Paramount revealed in November of last year that a Teen Wolf film was in the works.

The narrative will center on a horrific new evil that has appeared in the hamlet of Beacon Hills, and the Teen Wolf film is set to premiere later this year on the Paramount+ streaming service. Scott McCall will have to rally his companions once more to fight the most powerful foe they’ve ever fought.

A new Teen Wolf trailer piqued fans’ interest even further by revealing that Crystal Reed is set to reprise her role as Allison Argent. Many uncertainties surround the impending Teen Wolf picture, and fans are eager to see how the film will address Dylan O’Brien’s absence.

Viewers want to know what their favorite characters have been up to in the years after the Teen Wolf conclusion, as well as what role they’ll play in the long-awaited feature picture. That was certainly true of Scott, who was frequently unsure of what the future held during the show’s first run on MTV.

Posey revealed what fans may anticipate from Scott in the Teen Wolf movie during an interview with ComicBook.com at San Diego Comic-Con 2022. The actor said that the film will take place in 2026 when Scott would be 33 years old.

Posey then discussed how his character was constantly concerned with helping his pals. But, for once, it appears that the titular wolf will be concerned with protecting himself. The whole quote from Posey is posted below.

“What’s so cool about where we find him is that Jeff decided to make it—we’re in 2026. That’s ahead, we jump ahead. That’s where Teen Wolf takes place. So it’s 15 years since we last saw Scott. So, Scott is 33 years old. He’s older than I am now. And what I thought was so interesting is that the last time we ever saw Scott as like, you know, a real human was the pilot episode. And this time, when we pick him up, he leaves Beacon Hills. He wants, you know, a fresh start. I think everybody kind of wants to leave their hometown eventually… especially one that’s been so f–ed up as Beacon Hills. He’s got to get out of that environment.

He’s pretty chill. But you know, he wants to get out. He wants to experience life outside of that and kind of put the hero hat down for a little bit. But he’s also dealing with human emotions and loneliness for the first time in a long time. And he’s kind of at, like, a bit of a crisis in his life. And that’s something we haven’t seen; the human side and he’s… he’s always been in crisis mode because he’s trying to save his town and his friends, but we’ve never seen him trying to save himself.”

Teen Wolf Movie
Teen Wolf Movie

Posey is absolutely accurate that Scott had a lot to deal with during Teen Wolf’s first season. Whenever he got a minute to himself, to breathe or reflect, the next huge terrible would appear.

Much about the Paramount+ film remains unknown, including what is happening to Allison, however, it appears that the script was crafted with the character’s most natural paths in mind.

It will be fascinating to observe what that means in practice for Scott. So frequently, the hero may succumb to the temptation to look after those who are most important to him in the world.

That, in and of itself, indicates a lot of rich terrains for Posey to exploit. And, considering his extended support for a Teen Wolf film, it must be a joy to watch it all come together.

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