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Sirius Black


Sirius Black: Is Harry Potter Movie Cut his Cruelest Moment?

In the Harry Potter books, Sirius Black confinement made him cruel, but one of his most cruel moments was cut from the movie.

It’s possible that in the Harry Potter movies, Sirius Black has always been nice, but one very brutal scene from the novels was left out of the movies.

Harry saw his godfather, who was also his adoptive father, as a combination of a father figure and a brother, and he was constantly anxious for Black’s acceptance and guidance.

Yet, there are a few instances in the novels when Sirius demonstrates that he may not have been completely deserving of such devotion. The actions of Sirius Black in the Harry Potter canon had the potential to be startling, but they also contributed to the development of Harry’s godfather into a much more intriguing, if somewhat troubled, figure.

Sirius Black was ordered to remain in confinement at Grimmauld Place by Dumbledore in both the book and the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Both interpretations of his character experienced growing agitation as a result of their confinement.

Yet the anxiety that Sirius felt in the novel had an effect on how he interacted with the people around him. Sirius had the impression that he was being left out of the fight against Voldemort, and as a result, he was willing to lay down his life in defense of the people he cared about.

Because of the fact Harry too experienced feelings of being ignored by Dumbledore, Sirius, and Harry were able to lament together for a while about this matter. Everything, however, changed when Sirius directed his terrible actions against Harry.

In Order of the Phoenix, Sirius Black asserts that Harry resembles his father less than he believed.

Sirius Black
Sirius Black

As Sirius and Harry both felt that Dumbledore was pushing them to the side in the Harry Potter novels, Sirius believed he could depend on his godson to help him breach the rules since they were both irritated by Dumbledore’s behavior.

During the events of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Sirius Black proposed to Harry that he visit him in Hogsmeade Village while dressed as a dog. This conversation took place via the fireplace in the Gryffindor common room.

Because of the fact that Sirius Black’s innocence was never established, Harry Potter was unwilling to take any chances for fear that his godfather would be found out. He replied with a negative to Sirius, which did not go over very well. The answer came from Sirius, “I was wrong about the degree to which you resemble your father. James’s sense of adventure would have been piqued by the possibility of being hurt.”

After having this conversation, Harry started to realize that Sirius did not necessarily regard him as his own person, but rather as a substitute for James. He came to this realization as a result of the talk. Since Sirius had spent the whole of his adult life imprisoned in Azkaban, he was especially unprepared for being locked away with his godson. Of course, Sirius had not intended to damage his godson in any way.

Even though it was not fair of him to do so, Sirius enabled Harry to feel the anguish that he was experiencing because he missed his old schoolmate. Since Sirius acted in an immature and potentially dangerous manner, his godson was forced to take on the role of the responsible party.

Since he was encouraged to constantly worry about his godfather, Harry was simpler for Voldemort to mislead and influence.

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In the Harry Potter books, Sirius Black was not quite as friendly as he is portrayed in the films.

Sirius Black
Sirius Black

Even though he had a kind heart, Sirius Black was not anywhere close to being as flawless as he was depicted to be in the Harry Potter movies. Although the live-action version of his character offered Harry motivational speeches on the differences between good and evil, the other spent much of his time urging Harry to disobey Molly Weasley’s rules.

Because of this, Sirius found himself in conflict with Molly, a person he had never been especially kind to. Also, Harry learned through Severus Snape’s school memories that Sirius and his own father had been brutal bullies during their time at Hogwarts. This information was provided to Harry by Severus Snape.

Compared to the book version of The Order of the Phoenix in Harry Potter, the cinematic adaptation of Snape’s encounter with the Marauders in that chapter was quite mild. In the book version, Sirius’ remarks were far more caustic and spiteful.

After that, when Harry questioned Sirius about this, his godfather brushed it off as two children having fun together. Harry’s godfather was referring to Sirius and Harry. Harry Potter started to believe that the Marauders, including Sirius, were not the role models he had previously believed they were, and he questioned whether or not it really bothered him that Sirius did not think he was like his father. Sirius was included in this line of thinking.

Sirius’s cruel treatment of Kreacher contributed to his demise.

Sirius Black
Sirius Black

Since Sirius’s harsh comments to Harry caused the young wizard to worry about his godfather, it was like salt in a new wound when Voldemort showed Harry pictures of Sirius being tortured at the Ministry of Magic. Sirius’s harsh words to Harry caused the young wizard to worry about his godfather.

It’s possible that Sirius might have prevented his godson from being so readily influenced if he’d managed his connection with Harry with greater maturity. But, the Child Who Lived was not the only victim of Sirius’s cruelty; there were other people as well.

Throughout the chapters of the Harry Potter novels, Sirius behaved in an unjustifiably cruel manner against Kreacher, the house-elf belonging to the Black household. Dumbledore acknowledged this after Sirius had passed away, saying, “Indifference and neglect sometimes inflict far more harm than plain hatred.”

Kreacher’s role in Sirius’s death was significantly expanded in the Harry Potter book series, although it was omitted from the film adaptations of the series. The captive house-elf had betrayed Sirius Potter to Bellatrix Lestrange and Narcissa Malfoy, who persuaded him to inform Harry that his master had left Grimmauld Place and gone to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Due to Kreacher, Harry was persuaded to think that Voldemort was abusing Sirius, and as a direct consequence, Harry’s godfather was put to death. According to Dumbledore’s explanation, this may not have happened if Sirius had just been kind to Kreacher in Harry Potter. This demonstrates, as Sirius himself once said, that a person’s true character can be seen in the way they treat those they perceive to be beneath them.

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