Ron Weasley Seer Theory Explained


Throughout the Harry Potter books, Ron makes multiple prophecies that turn out to be correct – may he have been a Ron Weasley Seer all along?

The possibility that Ron Weasley was really a Seer is an intriguing notion that has arisen as a result of the Harry Potter series. Seers are the name given to wizards and witches in the Harry Potter universe who have the ability to divine the future, conjure up predictions, and excel in the art of divination.

When Harry, Ron, and Hermione are initially exposed to the topic in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, they immediately dismiss it as a joke. This is mostly owing to Professor Trelawney and the outrageous forecasts that she makes.

There are signs, on the other hand, that possibly Divination was a more significant part of the main trio’s puzzle than fans first believed it was.

Ron displays characteristics that suggest he may, in fact, be a Seer during the course of the Harry Potter film series. On a number of times, Ron has expressed worry about matters that have turned out to be significant problems, and he has made off-the-cuff statements that have turned out to either forecast the future or be an event that has already occurred.

Although there is evidence that contradicts itself, it would have been a fascinating move to push Ron’s character in this route, despite the fact that it is very improbable that he is a Seer. This may have contributed to his character is even more fascinating than he currently is as a whole.


It Turned Out That Ron Had Some Weird Feelings That Were Very Important

Ron Weasley Seer
Ron Weasley Seer

There have been times when Ron has said that he gets a strange feeling about something, only for it to reappear in the narrative at a later point in a more relevant capacity. In the book Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, for example, Ron warns Harry Potter to steer clear of the Mirror of Erised because he gets an uneasy feeling about it.

This would turn out to be accurate, since not only does Dumbledore affirm that men have been driven insane by spending too much time in front of the Mirror of Erised in the past, but it also turns out that the Mirror of Erised is the location of the Sorcerer’s Stone.

If Ron really did have the talents of a Seer, then he would have been able to discern from those abilities that the mirror conceals something of significance.

In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Ron again had a strange sensation that turned out to be accurate, and this time it was in reference to something that happened later in the story. Hermione also adopted Harry’s practice of calling Voldemort by his given name during the course of their time together, which spanned several years.


On the other hand, while the group is on the run, Ron begs them not to use the name because “it seems like a – a jinx or something,” and they comply with his request.

This intuition of Ron’s would prove to be true, as Voldemort, in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, had cursed his name in such a way that whoever said it would be immediately located and apprehended by the Ministry of Magic.


The accuracy of Ron’s guess about Voldemort’s name ended up preventing the other two from being apprehended for the majority of the trip.

In his predictions, Ron covered both the past and the future. : Ron Weasley Seer

Ron Weasley Seer
Ron Weasley Seer

Additionally, Ron has the ability to forecast occurrences, both in the present and in the future. In Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Ron mentions that he assumed they would have to battle a troll before they were sorted, which is exactly what happens later on in the novel.

In Chamber of Secrets, Ron makes the assumption that Tom Riddle was the one who murdered Moaning Myrtle, that the diary may pose a threat to Harry, and that Lockhart is a charlatan. He also cautions Harry about his beliefs about the diary.

In the book “Prisoner of Azkaban,” where readers are first introduced to the concept of divination, Ron reads Harry’s tea leaves and makes two predictions about him: first, that he will one day work for the Ministry of Magic, and second, that he will soon come into some money, as Harry wins the cash prize at the Triwizard Tournament.

The events of the Triwizard Tournament were also foretold by Ron in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. At the time, Ron and Harry were working on a Divination project in which they had to create phony predictions.

Ron’s predictions include that Harry will be stabbed in the back by someone he trusted, which describes the first two tasks, and that Harry will suffer burns and lose a treasured possession, which describes the first two tasks. Ron also predicts that Mad-Eye Moody is really a Death Eater disguised as someone else.


In addition, Ron forecasts that Harry would do badly in a battle, which comes to pass when Harry narrowly avoids being defeated by Voldemort in a duel. Additionally, Ron makes the observation that “Dumbledore is brilliant.”

But that doesn’t mean a Dark wizard couldn’t trick him,” Barty Crouch Jr. did just that to Dumbledore for the whole of the school year.

If Ron had telepathy, it would make his character stronger: Ron Weasley Seer

Ron Weasley Seer
Ron Weasley Seer

With all of these instances in mind, it is not difficult to see that the evidence is there to suggest that Ron may have been a Seer all along in stealth mode. If he had, it would have been beneficial to the development of his character.

The films based on the Harry Potter series destroyed Ron Weasley’s persona by turning him into a comic relief character and giving Hermione all of Ron’s greatest heroic moments. Ron is an easy target for marginalization given that Hermione is considered to be the most powerful witch of her generation and Harry is the Chosen One.

If Ron had been a Seer, he would have had his very own unique identification, and it would have been much easier to highlight the many skills and contributions that Ron makes to the group if he had been one.

Making Ron into a Seer would have resulted in a great deal of comedic potential. Ron and Hermione have romantic feelings for one another and exhibit the typical dynamic of an arguing pair.


Given that Hermione makes it very apparent that she disapproves of and is skeptical of divination, having Ron play the role of a Seer would have resulted in a great deal of comedic interaction between the two characters.

There were a number of opportunities for Ron and Hermione to have a disagreement when Ron made accurate predictions that Hermione originally disregarded but which turned out to be correct.

It is also consistent with Ron’s personality for him to make up forecasts with the sole intention of vexing Hermione. By giving Ron the ability to see into the future, you may boost both his significance and the comedic value of the scene.

The flaws in the argument that Ron Weasley is a psychic: Ron Weasley Seer

Ron Weasley Seer
Ron Weasley Seer

Even while it would be amazing if this idea turned out to be correct, it is very improbable that Ron is a Seer. A good number of the instances shown here might be interpreted as hints about upcoming happenings or as “Easter Eggs” that are meant to be discovered by viewers on subsequent viewings.

Furthermore, the stakes may have been compromised by the decision to make Ron a Seer; after all, if Ron can see into the future, then he should already know the result of Harry Potter’s ultimate fight against Voldemort.

It was also a conscious decision to constantly keep Divination under close inspection so that there would be room for mistakes in the process. If Ron was a Seer, then the forecasts would have to get more precise, which may reveal too much information.


Even with all the changes that were made to him for the movies, Ron Weasley continues to be a fan-favorite character. Even without the abilities of a Seer, Ron makes a significant contribution and acts as the team’s unifying force.

Nevertheless, the idea that Ron could really be a Seer is quite interesting to consider. Since there is evidence to support the notion, it is possible that it may be worthwhile to investigate it further in a future Harry Potter.


After all, who better forecast the arrival of anything nefarious than the young man who is often making snarky remarks and has a constant feeling that something bad is about to happen?



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