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Professor Flitwick Looks So Different In The Third Movie: Why?

Professor Flitwick appears differently in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban compared to his prior appearances. So why the difference between films?

Even though the character of Professor Flitwick seems to have been recast in the third Harry Potter film because of the significant physical changes he undergoes, David Bradley continues to play the part. The version of the figure who appears in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is much younger and has a mustache as opposed to the older, white-bearded professor who appeared in the previous two films in the series.

Chris Columbus was the director of both the first Harry Potter film, “The Philosopher’s Stone,” and the second Harry Potter film, “The Chamber of Secrets.” From early, Christopher Columbus and Warner Bros. promised fans that they were committed to being as true to the book as they could be, and this included the casting decisions that they made.

In the novels, Flitwick is described as a short, elderly wizard with a white beard who had to lecture from atop a mountain of books in order to reach the students. Because of this description, Columbus decided to cast actor Warwick Davis in the role of the Charms professor. To make him seem older, Columbus utilized makeup and prosthetics, giving him a full beard and a pointed hat (until the character was changed to Flitwick).

Despite the fact that Columbus now wants to helm a film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, he made the decision not to return to directing the third film since he had just finished directing two movies in a row.

After that, the directing duties for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban might be given to Alfonso Cuarón. In contrast to Columbus, Cuarón brought a fresh approach to filmmaking and had a clear idea of where he wanted the movie to go.

In addition, he had not read any of the Harry Potter novels, so he was not limited in any way by J.K. Rowling’s characterizations of settings or individuals. Not only did his movie exclude a significant number of scenes from the source material, but it also had a highly unique visual style. The end consequence is a Hogwarts that is completely unrecognizable.

The school was darker, the views were more dynamic and open, and the actors no longer wore wizard-style robes; instead, they wore clothes that were more typical of Muggles. This is an explanation of the modification that was made to Flitwick in Harry Potter.

Alfonso Cuarón Changing Professor Flitwick

Professor Flitwick
Professor Flitwick

These noticeable alterations didn’t only take place with the primary actors; they also took place with the settings and the Wizarding World in general. They would also, in the end, wind up having an effect on the transformation brought about by Professor Flitwick.

Warwick Davis was granted a cameo role by the filmmakers, despite the fact that his character did not appear in or play any part in the third movie. This confirms that Davis will not take up the role of Flitwick in “The Prisoner of Azkaban.”

The title that appears next to his name in the credits of the movie is simply “Wizard.” This explains why his look is so different from the previous two movies and why he is leading the school choir, which was not a job Flitwick had in the novels. Also, this explains why he is playing the character of Flitwick in the movie.

Nevertheless, the new, more youthful image was favorably received by Michael Newell, the director of The Globet of Fire, and as a result, it was chosen to serve as Flitwick’s official style for the films that followed.

The remainder of the Harry Potter adaptations were transitioned into a more adult and realistic manner as a result of Cuarón’s directing and visual style, which he impacted. This was accomplished without the films losing their magical appeal.

Fans continue to have a soft spot for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, despite the fact that the character of Flitwick was changed after the book had already been published.

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What Warwick Davis Has Done After Harry Potter

Professor Flitwick
Professor Flitwick

In addition to his role as Flitwick in the Harry Potter films, renowned actor Warwick Davis has had to undergo a large number of physical changes in order to portray a variety of roles.

Davis achieved the greatest notoriety for his performance as the title character in the fantasy film Willow, which was released in 1988. He recently returned to his role as Willow in the 2022 Disney+ television series. Recent appearances by Davis in a variety of Star Wars productions suggest that an agreement between Davis and Disney is now in place.

After playing the roles of both Filius Flitwick and the goblin Griphook in the Harry Potter series, Davis went on to feature in a number of other television shows, including Doctor Who, before agreeing to play the role of Wollivan in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. After that, he went on to play the role of Weeteef Cyubee in the film Rogue One.

After that, Davis went on to play the role of Wodibin in Star Wars: The Last Jedi before moving on to the role of Rukh in the voice cast for Star Wars Rebels.

Warwick Davis also portrayed the role of Lickspittle in the film Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. After that, he went on to make his last appearance in the Star Wars world in the film The Rise of Skywalker as Wicket W. Warrick.

The actor most known for his role in the Harry Potter films is presently starring as the show’s namesake in the Disney+ series Willow.

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