New Hogwarts Legacy Trailer
New Hogwarts Legacy Trailer


New Hogwarts Legacy Trailer: Final Trailer Before Launch


Close! Yes, Hogwarts Legacy will arrive in days, and this New Hogwarts Legacy Trailer offers enough fresh secrets to keep us excited until then. Want one last dive?

Wizard’s Field Manual: New Hogwarts Legacy Trailer

Before the main character is shown an enchanted book, which we assume to be the Wizard’s Field Guide, we are informed at the beginning of the trailer that “In light of your unique situation, joining us as a fifth year, we’ve devised something extraordinary to ensure your success.” This is said before the main character is shown in the book.

This illuminating book has been included in a few of the exhibitions that we’ve attended in the past. It is believed that this handbook will help us while playing the game, allowing us to make up for lost ground in our magical education without falling too far behind. After all, our protagonist is one of a kind, a fact that gradually becomes clearer to us as the teaser unfolds.

New Hogwarts Legacy Trailer

We get a better look at the red-haired Herbology professor, Mirabel Garlick

(what a great name), as well as a glimpse of the students pulling Mandrakes, which is a magical plant that was introduced in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and which we are all very familiar with. And that’s not even all you need to know about Hogwarts classes!

Additional Hogwarts subjects and their respective teachers are dissected in further detail, including defense against the dark arts and transfiguration.

In the preview, we don’t only see Herbology; we also see another professor who seems to be summoning a magical unicorn (could this be an episode of Care of Magical Creatures?). 


In addition, we witness another professor use a spell similar to the one used in the Transfiguration to produce a butterfly. There is yet another reference to the enigmatic Professor Weasley, about whom we quite want to learn more; might it be that she is Ron’s great (great…great?) grandmother?

Lessons at Hogwarts aren’t the only thing our protagonist will be involved in.

New Hogwarts Legacy Trailer
New Hogwarts Legacy Trailer

Another ominous statement tells us that our character has been given “instruction outside of the ordinary curriculum,” which translates to “we will have some work to do outside of our normal lessons.” This is a sign that we will be required to complete additional work outside our regular lessons. And here’s a spoiler: it’s quite evident that it’s going to be hazardous.

Is that someone who Garrick Ollivander descended from?

We all know that Ollivander’s Wand Shop is a family-owned and -operated company and that since 382 BC, they have been making and selling wands to aspiring young wizards. That must be a significant number of Ollivanders!

One of the shots in the teaser shows an ancient wizard (who is wearing an unusual pin) giving our protagonist the wand he uses, and we can only conclude that this individual is an ancestor of Garrick who lived during the time of Harry Potter.

We get a better look at the Vivarium this time.

Players that take their gaming seriously will be ecstatic to get another look at the Vivarium, which is an open-air space where players may maintain and care for magical animals. As we enter our Vivarium, we are also escorted by a house-elf (we’ll suppose that this is Deek, who we’ve seen in trailers previously), who will also assist us in our very own Room of Requirement.

The enigmatic locales of the future are revealed by Professor Fig.

New Hogwarts Legacy Trailer
New Hogwarts Legacy Trailer

In the game, an elderly professor by the name of Fig seems to be a trusted advisor of ours, and in this video, he leads us to a cave system that has a peculiar underground environment. In addition, a voiceover informs us that it has been brought to our attention just how much time our main character spends away from the palace. It is very evident that there are more pressing matters at hand than completing our Hogwarts assignments.


It would seem that Rookwood is interested in our character.

This mysterious figure wearing a top hat has appeared in previous teasers for the game, and in this clip, it seems like he wants something from our main character.

Fans of Harry Potter will be familiar with the surname Rookwood, which was given to a Death Eater during Harry’s time period. Rookwood definitely represents terrible tidings.

The huge statue of the wizard continues to be a source of mystery.

To look forward to in Hogwarts Legacy are several magnificently crafted set pieces. One of them is a stunning statue of a wizard with a beard, which seems to play a vital role in the narrative.

Who do you believe he is if you know? A founding member of Hogwarts? Merlin? A renowned sorcerer that we have not yet had the pleasure of meeting? Given the size of the monument, he must have been quite an influential figure in his day.

“Ghostly echoes of long-forgotten spells”

It has been hinted at in the past, but in this clip, our character reveals to us in full that they have the extraordinary capacity to hear echoes of long-forgotten magic. This would explain why we are being whisked away to conduct things that are classified as “extra-curricular,” and it would even explain why we are starting Hogwarts as fifth-year students.

Apparently, our protagonist is in possession of a “strong magic that should only be handled by a select few” and, as a result, they are carrying a significant burden on their shoulders. Don’t get too comfortable in the common room at Hogwarts, since…


New, enigmatic, and metallic adversaries

New Hogwarts Legacy Trailer
New Hogwarts Legacy Trailer

During one of the sequences, a colossal silver warrior armed with a sword engages in a bloody conflict. However, who are they exactly? What do you mean by that? In any case, we must take care not to find ourselves on the other side of them…

Dragons battling it out: New Hogwarts Legacy Trailer

We are all well aware that dragons are not to be trifled with, and yet, in this video, we see dragons actively competing against one another in an arena setting. There is also a close-up of a horned dragon, which has our inner magi zoologists attempting to determine which breed of horned dragon it is based on its appearance.

Is it a subspecies of the Hungarian Horntail or one of its variants? Or maybe you’re more interested in a Romanian Longhorn? What are your thoughts?

Other appropriate mentions to include here: New Hogwarts Legacy Trailer

Other elements that grabbed our attention were a fight with Rookwood in Hogsmeade, animated sets of armor, a well-dressed troll, a disturbed Hippogriff, more stunning flying sequences, and overall a lot of unusual magic that we want more information about as soon as possible! However, there are only a few days left till we finally get to find out about our very own Hogwarts Legacy.

More of our thoughts and views may be found here.

New Hogwarts Legacy Trailer

On February 10, Hogwarts Legacy will be available for the PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC platforms. On April 4, the game will be available on the PlayStation®4 and Xbox One platforms, and on July 25, it will be available for the Nintendo Switch.



Visit the official website for more information, or visit this page to catch up on the newest updates and trailers, as well as discover how to connect your Harry Potter Fan Club account for additional in-game rewards.



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  1. I found this article really interesting.  My grandkids are into the merchandise.  We have been to a variety of venues for showing all the films including the Magical Creatures.  I know they will be interested in this article and the newsletter in general.  I am forwarding it on to them.  I hope that we will have something to discuss once they look it over.  This is an exciting, well done article.  Thanks.


  2. Hey there writer,

    I just had to chime in on the new Hogwarts Legacy trailer! As a huge Harry Potter fan, I was beyond excited to see it. The graphics and attention to detail in the trailer were fantastic, I could almost feel like I was at Hogwarts myself.

    I’ve been eagerly anticipating this game for months, and I have to say, the trailer exceeded my expectations. I especially loved the bits of familiar magic and creatures that were shown, it just adds to the authenticity of the game.

    I have to ask though, do we know anything about the storyline yet? I’m dying to know if it will be an original tale or if it will follow one of the books. Either way, I can’t wait to start exploring the wizarding world even further.

    Thanks for sharing the trailer, I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for any more updates on the game!

  3. I just got reintroduced to the world of gaming through my nephews and started following along with my family. Boy gaming has come a long way since the 70’s and 80’s.! My nieces and nephews are huge Harry Potter fans and have already put in their gift requests for this game. I was watching the other reviews on YouTube and it looks like it will be big seller.  Based on the trailer the game looks epic. The graphics, storyline and game play will keep hard core gamers and fans of the series engaged.  

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