Naruto & Sasuke
Naruto & Sasuke

Naruto & Sasuke Fused Power Makes Goku & Vegeta

The fusion of Goku and Vegeta into Vegito is one of Dragon Ball’s most memorable moments, but Naruto & Sasuke outdid themselves by uniting their abilities.

Naruto & Sasuke
Naruto & Sasuke

The fusions of Goku and Vegeta are one of Dragon Ball’s most known components, yet Naruto and Sasuke managed to outperform any fusion with their combined might in Boruto.

Though Dragon Ball-Esque fusions aren’t common in the ninja world, Naruto’s sequel used a similar notion to great success.

Boruto chronicles the children of Naruto and his pals, living up to its title of Naruto’s Next Generations. The first arc of the series saw the eponymous Boruto take the chunin examinations before the sinister Momoshiki arrived to kidnap Naruto.

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Tsutsuki is successful, transporting Naruto to a freshly constructed Dragon Ball: Tree of Might-style Chakra Tree in order to take the Seventh Hokage’s copious chakra and make a new chakra fruit. In retaliation, Sasuke, the four other Kage, and Boruto all attack Momoshiki.

They make some progress in getting through Momoshiki, but the villain has one more trick up his sleeve. Momoshiki transforms his tsutsuki partner into a chakra fruit and consumes it, offering him incredible strength.

Momoshiki unleashes his anger on the gathering Shinobi in chapter 8 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. Momoshiki knocks down the four Kage who came to save Naruto without hesitation, leaving just Naruto, Sasuke, and Boruto to face the formidable villain.

Knowing that Momoshiki is capable of absorbing jutsu, Naruto depends heavily on his martial talents before transforming into his Sage of Six Paths state and enlisting the help of Sasuke. Former rivals might push Momoshiki to take more harsh steps if they band together.

He transforms the earth into snake heads and demons that attack Naruto, requiring him to combine his Sage of Six Paths mode with his Nine-Tails Chakra Mode.

Even in this heightened form, Naruto still struggles, but he is helped by Sasuke’s god-tier justsu, Susanoo. The chakra Kurama appears to be dressed in Susanoo’s armor. The huge Kurama can easily cut Momoshiki’s giant creatures in two with the combined force of Naruto and Sasuke.

Naruto & Sasuke
Naruto & Sasuke

For a reason, Goku and Vegeta’s Dragon Ball fusions are renowned. Goku and Vegeta had spent most of Dragon Ball being rivals, thus their ability to merge into one creature was a huge turning point for both characters, allowing Vegeta to finally embrace Goku as an equal and Goku to accept Vegeta as a hero.

Boruto’s faux merger of Naruto and Sasuke isn’t exactly a watershed moment, but it does symbolize significant character development. It’s nice to watch them not only join forces but do so with such ease, after spending so much of Naruto at odds with each other.

That, paired with the fact that their combined powers look great, makes the moment an outstanding tribute to how far the two have come since Naruto’s demise. Though Naruto’s Baryon Mode is his strongest form, his combined assault with Sasuke is without a doubt his coolest power yet.

Fusions have been an important feature of shonen manga and anime since Dragon Ball introduced them. The ninja world is able to take what made Goku and Vegeta’s fusion so legendary in Dragon Ball and push it to very amazing new heights with Naruto and Sasuke’s merged strength in Boruto.

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