Movies With Chris Hemsworth
Movies With Chris Hemsworth

Movies With Chris Hemsworth: Lost His Thor Hammer

Movies With Chris Hemsworth, hero of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, confesses that he once misplaced the original Thor hammer and didn’t notice it until a buddy pointed it out.

Movies With Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth recalls misplacing Thor’s first hammer. The actor is presently preparing for his big-screen return in Thor: Love and Thunder, as one of the last original Avengers in the MCU following the Infinity Saga. The film, directed by Taika Waititi, will be Hemsworth’s fourth solo picture as the God of Thunder, making him the only hero in the franchise with more than three.

Since his debut in Kenneth Branagh’s first Thor film in 2011, Hemsworth’s founding Avenger Thor has been a prominent role in the Infinity Saga narrative as a whole. However, the character gained prominence with the release of Thor: Ragnarok, which radically altered the hero’s sub-franchise. Part of that was destroying the Asgardian prince’s preferred weapon, his magical hammer Mjölnir. Hela smashed it, and while a counterpart from another universe appeared in Avengers: Endgame, his new weapon of choice is the intimidating ax Stormbreaker.

Movies With Chris Hemsworth

According to a new interview, Hemsworth appears to have misplaced Thor’s hammer in real life as well. Hemsworth recounts losing Thor’s original hammer at one time when discussing his most memorable performances with GQ. What makes this tale even more intriguing is that he didn’t realize it was missing until a buddy of his discovered it.

Movies With Chris Hemsworth

Despite the fact that Thor: Ragnarok destroys Mjölnir and Steve Rogers’ Captain America returns the alternative version to its correct position in time in Avengers: Endgame, the legendary Marvel weapon will still be featured in Thor: Love and Thunder. Instead of the Asgardian using it this time, Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor will. Based on its appearance, it looks to be the same Mjölnir that Hela smashed, however, it is presently unknown how that hammer may be rebuilt.

Unfortunately, Hemsworth did not specify when his incident occurred or what documentary they were working on at the time the hammer was dropped. But it may be later in his reign as the God of Thunder, which would explain why he wouldn’t realize the value prop was missing. He would have seen so many Mjölnir props at that point that he might not have realized the original was missing. Fortunately, Thor’s original MCU hammer was returned to its proper owner by his buddy.

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