Magical Version of Harry Potter
Magical Version of Harry Potter


Magical Version of Harry Potter: Marvel Just Revealed

Marvel wants fans to know that Doctor Strange’s holistic approach to magic is considerably different from the Magical Version of Harry Potter.

In issue #12 of Hulk, Doctor Strange makes a snarling remark that references the magical realm of Harry Potter. This is something that Marvel has done several times since the introduction of Strange Academy, which is a magical institution that has garnered unavoidable parallels to Hogwarts.

Doctor Strange is a strong and proud man, and after coming back to life following his spectacular death in the story The Death of Doctor Strange, he has recovered his job as the head of Strange School. Nevertheless, his wife Clea Strange continues to maintain the title of Sorcerer Supreme.

Emily Bright, a former protégé of Stephen who has been corrupted by Dormammu’s evil power and turned into a Big Bad in the pages of Strange Academy: Finals, is another reason why the Strange Academy universe is going through a difficult time right now.

Magical Version of Harry Potter
Magical Version of Harry Potter

Hulk #12 by Donny Cates, Ryan Ottley, Cliff Rathburn, and Marte Gracia contains Marvel’s most overt criticism of Harry Potter to date. In this issue, Doctor Strange refers to magical wands as “unnecessary little sticks,” and Strange Academy has previously criticized Harry Potter’s brand of magic on multiple occasions. However, this is the first time that Marvel has made a direct attack on Harry Potter.

Ever Since Its Inception, Odd Academy Has Been Contrasted With Hogwarts.

Magical Version of Harry Potter
Magical Version of Harry Potter

Since Doctor Strange’s Strange Academy made its debut in Strange Academy #1, the magical school has been subjected to comparisons to Harry Potter’s magical school Hogwarts, despite the fact that the two schools are not actually that similar, particularly when viewed in the context of the extensive literary tradition of magical schools.

The New Orleans-based Strange Academy is an ideal learning environment for Doctor Strange and the other members of his faculty to tutor the next generation of Marvel’s magicians since it is home to both a formidable group of magical students and a varied variety of adult magical instructors.

The fact that Stephen is attempting to teach the youngsters a kind of magic that does not need the use of instruments or tricks is shown in Hulk #12. It should come as no surprise that Marvel is fighting back against the repeated comparisons that are being made between Strange Academy and Hogwarts. The company is making a concerted effort to highlight the distinctions in the magical world-building of the two institutions.

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Why Doctor Strange Doesn’t Like the Magic Used in Harry Potter: Magical Version of Harry Potter

Magical Version of Harry Potter
Magical Version of Harry Potter

Wands are an essential component of the magical system in the Harry Potter universe. Without a wand, only the most skilled and experienced spellcasters, such as Dumbledore, are able to perform spells in a concentrated manner.

The premise that spells are cast by employing predetermined components, incantations, and gestures are inherent to the logic of Harry Potter’s magic. This nearly scientific approach to magic is at odds with the way Marvel often approaches the same concepts.

According to Marvel’s history, there is a diverse population of magical creatures and forms of magic that coexist in a vibrant environment. Learning human magic entails familiarizing oneself with a wide power domain and finding one’s own distinctive approach to controlling that domain’s power.

Since magic is not something that Doctor Strange “uses,” but rather the universe he lives in, it makes perfect sense for him to want to educate his pupils on how to enhance their skills without relying on wands.

Marvel has already criticized and rejected Harry Potter’s kind of magic; for example, Clea Strange, in Strange #4, disapproves of the “rote” spells employed by “doddering whitebeards and wizened crones.”

This was a rather apparent and brilliant allusion to Dumbledore and other wizards of pop culture who are similar to him. It was stated by Clea as she crafted her very own new spell from scratch as a reaction to the specific danger that was in front of her.

It is inevitable that parallels will be drawn between Strange School and Hogwarts, but this provides an excellent opportunity for Doctor Strange and other Marvel magic users to emphasize the many ways in which they differ from Harry Potter.

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