Is There Any New Harry Potter Movies Coming Out in 2023?


The Harry Potter film series as a whole has been extremely successful, with box office receipts of almost $10 billion across all 11 installments of the franchise that have been released to date. But is there any new harry potter movies coming out in 2023?

Is There Any New Harry Potter Movies Coming Out
Is There Any New Harry Potter Movies Coming Out?

There have been a total of three films in the Fantastic Beasts franchise, which is a prequel to the Harry Potter series and focuses on the adventures of Newt Scamander and, to a lesser extent, Albus Dumbledore. There have been eight films in the main Harry Potter series.

The Harry Potter and the Cursed Child film, which was the final film to be set in the Wizarding World, was released earlier in 2022. It is not outside the realm of possibility that a new film in the Harry Potter franchise is currently being worked on in some stage of pre-production, considering that the franchise as a whole has a history of performing well commercially, despite the fact that this may not have been the case more recently.

Due to the fact that the final film in the Harry Potter franchise was released in 2018, there will not be a new film in the franchise arriving in 2022. It is also important to point out that in the wake of the backlash that was caused by the controversy that surrounded J.K. Rowling,

For those who aren’t aware, Rowling frequently posts transphobic comments on Twitter, which has caused many Harry Potter fans to distance themselves from the franchise, if not the author herself. To that, you can add the fact that they replaced Johnny Depp with someone else in the Fantastic Beasts movies:

The Secrets of Dumbledore and the fact that Ezra Miller, who has been in trouble with the law for the past few months, starred in the same film, and you will find that the Fantastic Beasts franchise is barely managing to stay afloat in the wake of these two events.


If Warner Bros. decides to make another film in the Harry Potter franchise, they do have some options available to them, including some that fans have been begging for ever since the final film in the series was brought to theaters. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about the different directions that a new Harry Potter movie could go in.

Fantastic Beasts 4

Is There Any New Harry Potter Movies Coming Out
Is There Any New Harry Potter Movies Coming Out?

The Fantastic Beasts film series was supposed to consist of five films when it was first announced; however, only three of those films have been distributed so far. As was stated earlier, the Fantastic Beasts franchise has been marred by controversy involving Ezra Miller, J.K. Rowling, and Johnny Depp. This is to be expected.

As of the time of this writing, it is not known whether the controversy has been successful in killing off the franchise, nor is it known whether the next two planned entries will ever be made.

But if they did decide to make a fourth film in the Fantastic Beasts franchise, what would the storyline of that film be about? The blood pact between Dumbledore and Grindelwald was broken when we left Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore, which means that Dumbledore can finally deal with Grindelwald directly. This will lead to the confrontation between the two that is alluded to in the Harry Potter book series.

As for the character of Credence, played by Ezra Miller and revealed to be Dumbledore’s nephew, it appears that they were planning to kill off his character at some point during the course of the movie, as his health gradually deteriorates over the course of the story.

So it’s possible that they could film Fantastic Beasts 4 without Ezra Miller and still make it feel completely natural. Regarding Johnny Depp, Mads Mikkelsen has stated that the actor is a candidate for a return to the role; however, Mikkelsen acknowledges that this would be an unusual casting choice for a fourth installment. In either case, it appears that there are ways to get around the controversies that have been raised regarding the series, at least to the point where they can finish off their plan to create five films.


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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

J.K. Rowling, Jack Thorne, and John Tiffany collaborated on the creation of an original play titled Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. In this version of the story, Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley, Ronald Weasley, and Hermione Granger have all grown up and have children of their own.

The story of Albus Severus Potter, one of Harry Potter’s children, was told through the lens of the play, which took place after the events of the main Harry Potter series. Albus uses the time turner to travel back in time to when his father was still a student at Hogwarts. As a result of his actions, history is rewritten for a period of time. This is the central conflict in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

A portion of the narrative is told in the form of a humorous “what if?” story, which reimagines some of the classic Harry Potter tales that fans are familiar with and adore, all against the backdrop of the possibility that Voldemort will return.

Due to the fact that the play is split into two parts, it is not entirely clear how it would be adapted into a film or film if it were ever to be done at all. It is highly unlikely that any of the actors from the first Harry Potter movie will appear in the sequel.

It is possible that the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child will not be profitable if the actors do not reprise their roles as their older selves. It might be in Warner Bros.’s best interest to hold off on adapting the play into a movie until the cast has expressed interest in playing their roles again.

The Marauders

Is There Any New Harry Potter Movies Coming Out
Is There Any New Harry Potter Movies Coming Out?

Since the conclusion of the Harry Potter series, the majority of Harry Potter fans have expressed interest in reading a story that focuses on the Marauders. If you are unfamiliar with the Marauders, they are a group that consists of James Potter, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, and Peter Pettigrew. If you are familiar with the Marauders, continue reading.


It would be considered a prequel to the Harry Potter series for any project to be based on the Marauders, whether it be a film series or a television series.

It could take place during their exploits at Hogwarts, or it could take place much later, during the First Wizarding War, when Dumbledore put together the Order of the Phoenix to aid him in defeating Voldemort and his followers.

We were finally able to see some happiness in the lives of James and Lily Potter when they were still newlyweds or Sirius Black with his leather jacket and motorcycle after their stories were so dark in the main series.

To tell you the truth, this seems like a sure bet to cash in on the Harry Potter name, but it’s possible that this prequel idea has run its course at this point.

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Harry Potter 9

There is always the possibility that Warner Bros. will offer the original cast of the film a chance to return to an adventure that takes place between Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Although this may be the least likely project on this list, there is still a chance that Warner Bros.

J.K. Rowling might not need to be involved with this project either, as she might simply give her approval to a new story like she is going to do with the upcoming Hogwarts Legacy game. This would be similar to what she has done with other projects in the Harry Potter franchise.


On the other hand, similar to the situation with Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, it is highly unlikely that Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, or Emma Watson would want to return to the franchise at this point in their respective careers. However, this does not preclude the possibility of future appearances.

These are just some of the potential works that Warner Bros. could adapt into a movie that takes place in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. There are many more. The only way to know for sure if any of these will be adapted into movies is to wait and see.


The question of how much time has been referred to Warner Bros., but we can tell you with absolute certainty that, with the exception of Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore, there will be no new Harry Potter films released in 2022.



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  1. Hey a great post and site you have here especially for harry potter fans!

    There was a new harrry potter coming out however it was more a of a reunion from what I was told. Thanks for the news though, I had seen the author j.k Rowlings name pop up a few time however hadn’t looked into the fuss so thank you for sharing.

    Have a great day!

  2. Thanks for your article. 

    There seems to be a few viable options left for the Warner Bros. Having said that, I would not be surprised if they tried to create another Harry Potter, the ninth. 

    You can imagine how much the fans would turn to and welcome such a movie even if this was nowhere near the amazing standard of creativity and fun as the previous films in the series. 

    My wife and her family have grown up loving the Harry Potter films, and have seen these movies, and theatre sessions several times. They are addictive and provide a lot of fun and imagination for kids and adults alike. 

    Thank you for your post. 

  3. I really enjoyed reading through this article and was engaged all the way so much information that I didn’t know. I do like the harry potter films (I’m not a hardcore fan) and I’m in the process of watching the fantastic beasts films which as well I’m really enjoying

    .I Definitely think there is an option for the harry potter and the cursed child film but in my opinion they need to concentrate on finishing the fantastic beasts franchise first. But like you mentioned in your article it all depends on the cast if they want to play their roles again.

  4. A great article for Harry Potter fans. I have seen several of the films, admittedly not always in the right order, but I am fascinated with the story and the special effects. I wasn’t aware of J. K. Rowling‘s issues on Twitter, but I’m sure with the creative skills she has for her writing that her fans will surely come back and support her with any more films that are released.

    I haven’t yet seen any of the Fantastic Beasts, but I am intrigued now from reading your article so will definitely take a look.

    With the way that J. K. Rowling writes, it does give a huge opportunity to expand the story of all of the families and create a continuous journey in the world of Harry Potter.

    Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed reading your article.

  5. For some reason I do not see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child happening any time soon. I think there are a lot of negative factors right now to bring such a project forward otherwise we would already have heard something. Fantastic Beasts, although tried to catch some of the Harry Potter magic never managed to be on the same league. So the Deathly Hallows seems that it will be the last of Harry Potter films we are ever going to see. But with Hollywood never say never…


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