How To Destroy Voldemort Horcruxes
How To Destroy Voldemort Horcruxes


How To Destroy Voldemort Horcruxes? Why He Never Told It?


Dumbledore didn’t have time to explain to Harry Potter how to remove Voldemort’s Horcruxes, and based on his tactics, he wouldn’t have taught Harry much. But How To Destroy Voldemort Horcruxes?

In the Harry Potter films, Dumbledore never instructed Harry how to remove Voldemort’s Horcruxes, although there are a few reasons for this. This eventually laid the scenario for Harry’s perilous voyage with Ron and Hermione in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. 

Throughout the films, Harry looked up to Dumbledore as a mentor and someone he could rely on. His trust in Dumbledore’s techniques reinforced his conviction that Dumbledore was the greatest wizard who had ever lived.

Dumbledore was a staunch supporter of the dark arts and the greatest threat to Voldemort’s terrible ambition for power, according to Harry and practically every other student at Hogwarts.

Dumbledore understood that the only way to fully beat Voldemort was to destroy his Horcruxes. He thought that Harry was the only person who was brilliant, brave, and maybe lucky enough to uncover and destroy all of the Horcruxes.

Each of the seven Horcruxes contained a fragment of Voldemort’s soul, allowing the Dark Lord to avoid death and become immortal. In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Harry destroyed a Horcrux, Tom Riddle’s journal, while Dumbledore himself destroyed a ring possessed by Voldemort’s mother that was also a Horcrux.


Harry destroyed the journal with a basilisk fang, while Dumbledore destroyed the ring with the Sword of Gryffindor, both of which were unique and rather improvised methods of destruction.

Dumbledore Never Had Enough Time To Explain How To Destroy Horcruxes.

How To Destroy Voldemort Horcruxes
How To Destroy Voldemort Horcruxes?

As much as Harry would have appreciated Dumbledore’s knowledge of how to eliminate the last five horcruxes, there simply wasn’t enough time before his death. Dumbledore and Harry both discovered the existence of the Horcruxes at the same time after viewing a recollection of Professor Slughorn’s meeting with Voldemort as a kid through a Pensieve.

Following this revelation, Dumbledore and Harry embarked on a perilous journey to retrieve a third horcrux, Salazar Slytherin’s locket, which nearly killed Dumbledore. Weakened and attempting to recover after obtaining the locket, Dumbledore was attacked by Death Eaters and slain by Professor Snape at Hogwarts.

The time between when Harry and Dumbledore discovered the Horcruxes and when Dumbledore was assassinated was insufficient for Dumbledore to teach to Harry how to destroy the other Horcruxes.

Dumbledore’s refusal to tell Harry how to destroy Horcruxes is consistent with his methods.

How To Destroy Voldemort Horcruxes
How To Destroy Voldemort Horcruxes?

Dumbledore was not simply an intellectual mentor to Harry, but also a role model and father figure in his personal life. Dumbledore was well aware that the mission of eradicating all the Horcruxes and finally killing Voldemort would be extremely difficult and perilous.

To avoid overwhelming Harry or destroying his confidence, Dumbledore sensibly let Harry gather facts on his own and make his own decisions, much as a great teacher does for their students.


Dumbledore was still molding Harry into the hero he knew he could be. His meticulous guidance of Harry up to his death was critical so that Harry might continue what Dumbledore started.

Dumbledore frequently hid secrets in order to safeguard Harry’s innocence, as well as his thirst for knowledge and bravery. He was well aware that Harry would be overwhelmed by the enormity of the task, therefore his major strategy was to keep Harry on track in terms of his teenage growth and development.

Even if Dumbledore had the opportunity before his death to openly explain to Harry how to destroy the Horcruxes, his methods of instruction continually allowed Harry to apply himself and find things out on his own in Harry Potter.


Dumbledore realized he couldn’t eliminate the Horcruxes by himself, so he urged Harry to carry the torch without making things overwhelming, dismal, or impossible.



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