Hogwarts Legacy Houses
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Hogwarts Legacy Houses: Best Ways to Choose Your House

Hogwarts Legacy allows players to join one of the four classic Hogwarts Legacy Houses, and those who haven’t chosen a house may want to do so as soon as possible.

Even before the game is out, there are a lot of different methods to choose which Hogwarts house you want to be a part of in Hogwarts Legacy. Despite the fact that players will be starting their time at Hogwarts as fifth-year students,

They will still have the option of choosing which house they are a part of, just like first-year students at Hogwarts do with The Sorting Hat in the Harry Potter books and movies.

It is possible to build a completely original main character in Hogwarts Legacy, which is one of the game’s most interesting elements. A significant part of developing this character is choosing which Hogwarts house to join while the player is a student there.

Over the course of the previous two decades, video games based on the Harry Potter franchise have skipped this new degree of connection. Instead of providing players with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the wizarding world, the majority of these games have followed Harry Potter himself.

The Hogwarts Legacy House Quiz, also known as the Pottermore House Test

Hogwarts Legacy Houses
Hogwarts Legacy Houses

There are a few alternatives that are excellent substitutes for a real Sorting Hat, and those who wish to try some Hogwarts house exams and quizzes to assist with picking or check they are making the right choice have a few options available to them.

Readers who have been fans of Harry Potter for a longer period of time are likely to recall taking the House Sorting Quiz when it was first made available on the Pottermore website.

Pottermore sorted each member into a house using a quiz that many people thought was the most accurate sorting quiz that was available. Originally, the site was utilized as a tool for gamers to communicate with one another in class-themed minigames such as dueling and creating potions.

This was because J.K. Rowling herself was responsible for curating or creating the vast majority of the information seen on Pottermore. 

Tip: Are you familiar with the Harry Potter house quiz that can be found on Pottermore? Check out the video that Chi has uploaded to YouTube! ps: check out the video below to see Harry Potter actors Bonnie Wright, Matthew Lewis, Rupert Grint, and Evanna Lynch giving their own answers to the Hogwarts house exam on Pottermore!

Unfortunately, when Pottermore was rebranded in 2019, the quiz was relocated to the new WizardingWorld website, despite the fact that the new site lacks the incentives that made the old site so much fun to participate in.

Players can still register to take the Pottermore house quiz and “officially” categorize themselves based on the criteria that were available in the past. It is also possible to take a quiz to decide on a Patronus; however, there is a possibility that the Patronus selected will not be one of those that may be obtained through Hogwarts Legacy.

Additional Hogwarts House Tests Available Online

Hogwarts Legacy Houses
Hogwarts Legacy Houses

If you are seeking a quick Hogwarts Legacy house test, you may find various possibilities on multiple websites by doing a simple search on Google. The Wizarding World quiz might be a good option for many prospective players, but those who are looking for another option might find it more useful.

A quiz on Buzzfeed merely requires responses to a dozen questions, and compilations of Hogwarts House Sorting quizzes may be found in articles published by a variety of different websites.

The Hogwarts Legacy house exams can give fans entertaining scenarios that can be applied to fantasy settings or real-world problems, making the sorting process contemplative and thought-provoking. Some of the house tests may only require a single-word answer to a straightforward question.

Choosing a Hogwarts House to call home on the Hogwarts Legacy map doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems. Players have the option of bucking the conventions that have been built up around the identities of different houses by selecting a Hogwarts House that they were not assigned to based on quizzes or other decisions they’ve made in the past.

Someone who was placed in Gryffindor could make the decision to play as a Slytherin in Hogwarts Legacy in order to break the misconceptions that have been built up about Slytherin by characters in the Harry Potter books and films.

A player who is sorted into Slytherin or Gryffindor has the option to play as a member of Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff in order to learn more about those two houses and maybe uncover stuff that has been missed repeatedly due to the absence of those houses in the Harry Potter book series.

Choose Your Hogwarts House Without Having to Take Any Tests or Quizzes Here!

Hogwarts Legacy Houses
Hogwarts Legacy Houses

There are really a few other methods that Hogwarts Legacy players can choose which Hogwarts house they belong in, despite the fact that it could be tempting to take online tests and quizzes to make the decision.

Reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is the first choice available to you. The very first book in the Harry Potter series does an excellent job of showing what each of the houses stands for, but it does it without the politics and preconceptions of particular house traits that become an issue in the following books in the series.

Nevertheless, neither Ravenclaw nor Hufflepuff feature prominently in the Harry Potter books, which might be irritating for readers who are interested in learning more about other possible houses besides Gryffindor and Slytherin. When it comes to making a decision about this, it can be helpful to have a look at the characteristics shared by each of the houses.

Tip: Have you ever wanted to get a better feel for the many common room that are available in Hogwarts Legacy before making your selection? Check out the accompanying video from GameSpot for an overview of the game to see all of the many Hogwarts house room options!

The characteristics of bravery, risk-taking, and chivalry are associated with the Gryffindor House, while patience, kindness, and loyalty are associated with the Hufflepuff House, intellect, wisdom, and strategy are associated with the Ravenclaw House, and ambition, drive, and resourcefulness are associated with the Slytherin House.

Because each Hogwarts house will have its own distinctive Hogwarts Legacy dormitories populated with NPCs who exhibit these characteristics, selecting a house at Hogwarts will also decide which familiar faces you will encounter frequently.

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