Hogwarts Legacy Dragons


Hogwarts Legacy Dragons: Are They Clearly Friends or Mounts?


The majority of Harry Potter fans believe that exotic animals such as Hogwarts Legacy Dragons are friends, but are they also used as mounts in Hogwarts Legacy?

According to Harry Potter aficionados, the dragons who are a part of Hogwarts Legacy shouldn’t be harmed. The official Hogwarts Legacy Twitter account issued a video on March 30, 2022, unveiling the design of dragons in the game and asking, “Friend or foe – which will these magical monsters be?” Responses came swiftly.

The message was accompanied by snippets of gameplay video from Hogwarts Legacy, including a clip that shows a dragon resting on its side and perhaps anticipating a gentle belly massage.

When it was confirmed that dragons, hippogriffs, and other mythical animals would be considered friends in Hogwarts Legacy, a lot of the page’s fans naturally went to the answers to learn more about this topic, particularly whether the beasts in question might be ridden as mounts.

It seems that the dragons in Hogwarts Legacy will not be able to be ridden at this time, which is unfortunate since it is possible that the creators are withholding that information from the public. However, there are more horses that have been confirmed to be included in Hogwarts Legacy.

Mounts That Can Be Rode In The H.L Game

Hogwarts Legacy Dragons
Hogwarts Legacy Dragons

There are now three mounts that have been announced for Hogwarts Legacy, although none of them are dragons. Instead, the creators of Hogwarts Legacy have disclosed that players will have the ability to fly through the air on broomsticks, Hippogriffs, and Thestrals.


Even though this does not rule out the possibility of a dragon mount being introduced at a later point in the tale of the game, it is very unlikely that players will have unrestricted access to the dragon mount in the event that it does in fact exist.

Thestral mounts will be available, but only to players who have purchased either the Hogwarts Legacy Collector’s Edition or the Hogwarts Legacy Deluxe Edition.

This is an odd decision, considering that in the Harry Potter novels and films, Spectres and Thestrals can only be seen by those who have personally experienced death, and not by those who have more disposable income to spend on leisure activities than others.

No matter whatever edition of Hogwarts Legacy a player chooses to buy, they will always have access to all of the game’s features, including the ability to ride Hippogriffs, fly on broomsticks, and customize their appearance.

It would seem, on the basis of the several gameplay clips that were distributed before the debut of the game, that Hogwarts and the lands around it would be teeming with a large number of magical creatures that players will be able to engage with.

The developers have also uploaded some footage of some of the game’s most ridiculous creatures, such as a malfunction that causes one of Hogwarts Legacy’s centaurs to soar through the air and squirm crazily.


It’s a bummer that Thestrals are locked behind a special paywall, but if players in Hogwarts Legacy have the chance to befriend a dragon and ride it about the grounds of the castle, then it would undoubtedly make a lot of long-time and new Harry Potter book fans happy.


There are just a few days left till the release of Hogwarts Legacy, however, as of right now, the only known mounts that are available are broomsticks, Hippogriffs, and Thestrals that may be purchased.



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