Harry Potter Magical Creatures Collection
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Harry Potter Magical Creatures Collection

The creative team at Harry Potter definitely thought outside of the box when designing Harry Potter Magical Creatures Collection, ranging from cute to vicious.

Harry Potter Magical Creatures Collection

The Harry Potter series and its spin-off Fantastic Beasts introduced a vast spectrum of magical creatures to fans. The Wizarding World is teeming with peaceful, compassionate, and occasionally highly dangerous monsters. Each with its own distinctive design that draws inspiration from real-life animals.

In their distinct renderings, the visual design team, concept artists, prop creators, and all other team members that brought these animals to life have shown a tremendous vision. These mystical creatures have become very famous, owing in large part to their appearance, which draws on the legend of this fabled environment!


Harry Potter Magical Creatures Collection

The Dementors are a corporeal embodiment of gloom and despair, draining the life out of their victims with their very presence. These robes would eventually be peeled back to show their decaying skin, despite the fact that they were first presented as mystery veiled individuals.

There are few magical beings who are really terrible, yet even those who hire Dementors to defend Azkaban are terrified of their security guards. There are no other terrible monsters that are as stunning in the tone they establish from their first appearance as these, which are based on horror images.


Harry Potter Magical Creatures Collection

Nifflers don’t have the right to be that lovely. The Niffler is a bizarre mix of creatures based on animals like the beaver, platypus, and even a honey badger, yet it’s ideally constructed as a credible gold seeker. That nose is perfectly suited to sniffing out the next reward.

While the Niffler appears to be charming and cuddly, its design has a sinister edge to it, since the animal may deceive its loving audience before fleeing for yet another heist. Its eyes are the right size to both attract admirers and get charmed by the gleaming jewels it seeks.

Harry Potter Magical Creatures Collection: Bowtruckle

Harry Potter Magical Creatures Collection

It’s tough to make a mystical creature influenced by natural components that don’t resemble a plant. Despite its horrific appearance, the legendary Mandrake was able to achieve this, with each potted beast possessing distinct, human attributes. The design of the Bowtruckle has to walk a similar tightrope.

From afar, the animal resembles a root that has been plucked from the ground and is still transporting soil. The Bowtruckle, on the other hand, has a highly recognizable frame, with human elements added once again to allow for lifelike features. The arrangement of its arms and legs alone may convey a remarkable amount of emotion. This is a fantastic design from the standpoint of storytelling.

Harry Potter Magical Creatures Collection: Hippogriff

Harry Potter Magical Creatures Collection

The Hippogriff is the mythical creature that most closely resembles a real-life creature. This flying animal’s basic design is based on eagles and horses. But it has unique characteristics that are solely linked with Buckbeak and his species.

It has a majestic and graceful look, which lends credence to the idea that the Hippogriff values noble behavior. It’s a proud monster that had to carry a person on its back without seeming stupid due to its dimensions. The creative team nailed it, creating a design that was both terrifying and revered.

Harry Potter Magical Creatures Collection: Cornish Pixie

Cornish Pixie

Given that the Cornish Pixies were among the first magical creatures to be depicted on television, they managed to perfectly match the tone of the rest of the franchise. The Pixie’s main feature is its mischievous grin, which it uses to cause havoc among Hogwarts students.

Its body is out of proportion; its head is too enormous for its short torso. Its wings are smaller than they should be, and its hands and ears function nearly as extra gliding equipment. With the natural blues imparting genuine texture and tone to its skin. the seemingly ludicrous notion is nonetheless lovely when put together. Needless to say, a monster as cunning as this won’t be able to save the day.



The Demiguise is a creature that is plagued by the future it seems. Its eyes must communicate that message as it lives in constant terror of what could happen next. Whatever the beast’s age, its design has an antique air about it, as if it is always wise beyond its years.

The flowing locks streaming down its body glisten and give a beast that spends much of its time escaping a lot of energetic energy. Its diminutive frame can blend into the backdrop in the correct circumstances, which is linked to its invisibility powers. The monkey-like Demiguise’s abilities have undoubtedly been considered in its design.



The Basilisk is one of the rare instances in the Harry Potter series where a magical creature becomes a key opponent for the Hogwarts three to battle. Even though its sheer size defies nature’s rules, it had to be overwhelming, surprising, and completely realistic.

The ultimate product was spectacular, with a live beast that moved terrifyingly fast and spewed poison from both its fangs and its eyes, thanks to a combination of real effects and visual augmentation. The Basilisk is unmistakably a misunderstood creature, with its piercing eyes well matched to its might.



Even if the concept of these mystical beings isn’t always logical, it’s difficult to deny that Thestrals do, in fact, reflect death in their design. The horse-like animals have a skeleton look and exude a sorrow that only the Dementors can match.

These graceful animals also have a calming vibe about them, which is often overlooked and overlooked because of their invisibility to people who have not been touched by the afterlife’s sadness. These underworld-inspired Thestrals are unexpectedly soothing in their exhibition of empathy, which is all reflected in their brilliantly crafted visage.



Mermaids had to be transported to the Black Lake for the second job in the Triwizard Tournament in the Harry Potter series, and it would have been so easy for the creative team to go the traditional path. These sea-dwelling Selkies, on the other hand, are completely distinct.

There’s nothing attractive about these Mermaid spin-offs, with hair that looks more coral than animal-based and teeth as razor-sharp as some of the deepest living fish. The human components of the design have been distorted to make space for a hideous image of undersea life, and their tail is considerably more functional than other depictions.

Pygmy Puff

Pygmy Puff

In-universe, Pygmy Puffs were envisioned as a teenage girl’s closest friend. Unlike every other magical creature depicted here, the goal of Fred and George Weasley’s creation was to be sold. Their fluffy pink design will appeal to their target audience.

Their large eyes and little features all add to the image they want to project to their target audience. The Pygmy Puff’s lengthy hair may be touched and cared to, just like a Muggle’s plush or Furby.

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