Harry Potter Funny Memes

Harry Potter Funny Memes: That Is Too Entertaining


From Dumbledore’s preference for Gryffindor to Harry’s not-so-secret weapon, these harry potter funny memes will have Potterheads in laughter!

Harry Potter Funny Memes
Harry Potter Funny Memes

Harry Potter’s universe is absolutely amazing, filled with deep people, complicated emotions, and the ups and downs of growing up in an enchanted but imperfect world.

However, everything is not lost (Sirius?). Fans are eager to build incredibly humorous Harry Potter Funny Memes out of the characters’ nonsensical and outright ridiculous actions, especially on Reddit.

From Dumbledore’s preference for Gryffindor to Harry’s not-so-secret weapon of Expelliarmus, the only way to really explain how ludicrous some of the Potterverse events were was to transform them into everyone’s favorite form of internet communication: memes.

How to Identify Dumbledore

Gryffindor House had both advantages and disadvantages, but according to Dumbledore, it was the only house that deserved to win. When a dry time with no House Cup, Gryffindor began winning every year, even though they were behind after Harry was admitted – primarily because the Headmaster was particularly generous with last-minute points to put them ahead.

The exercise was enjoyable the first time, but as he repeated it every year, it became evident partiality. Even other professors, including the head of the house, were aware of this amusing routine.


The Power Of Expelliarmus

This is the meme that best describes Harry’s personality. It was brilliant the first time Harry saved himself by disarming his opponent, but it quickly became predictable. But Harry was unconcerned. Expelliarmus, like Po the Panda, was his go-to weapon, simple yet curiously powerful against the Dark Lord.

It demonstrated his reluctance to utilize Unforgivable Curses, as well as his desire not to harm people even in conflict. It became his trademark and even worked against him in combat.

Always (Picking On Students)

Severus Snape may have been jailed for a variety of offenses in the muggle world, particularly because he occasionally attacked pupils in his courses. Being in Snape’s class ensured pain, and God forbid anyone got on his bad side. Redditors decided to add another technique of tormenting poor Harry to Snape’s armory.

He was madly in love with Lily Potter, and telling Harry about it would have pushed the young lad over the brink more than any intimidation measures the Potions instructor had done previously.

The Time-Turner Conundrum

Albus Dumbledore did many absurd things, one of which was his use of the Time-Turner. It was a deadly device, and handing it to a thirteen-year-old Hermione, no matter how brilliant she was, was absurd.

Furthermore, it appeared absurd not to utilize the talisman to avert pointless death, yet he did just that. The Headmaster urged the three to use time manipulation to save Buckbeak’s life, but he evidently never considered using it to save people’s lives.


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Triwizard Tournament > Super Bowl

To Potter fans, the Triwizard Tournament was the equivalent of the Super Bowl for sports fans, but this happy occasion became dark and terrible when the imposter Barty Crouch Jr. intervened. Cedric was certainly one of the most beloved characters in the series, and his death devastated fans.

Given the recent arrival of the Super Bowl, the creator had their finger on the pulse when creating the meme. Clearly, Harry Potter fans will never forget the conclusion of the Triwizard Tournament.

A Surprise Tool

Another point of contention among fans is how Dumbledore nurtured Harry to be a pig for slaughter, rescuing him every time until it came time for him to die. So they came to Reddit to vent their rage in the most amusing way imaginable, utilizing Mickey Mouse Clubhouse as a vehicle for their mockery.

Albus practically exploited Harry as a weapon, forcing him to fight conflicts designed for older people while knowing he would have to be slain one day. Even Snape was taken aback by this evil scheme.

If a Lockdown Situation Occurred in Harry Potter

This meme may appear simple, but it is highly complex, making it much more humorous. When the Chamber of Secrets was opened and children were assaulted, Harry Potter found himself in a position frighteningly similar to COVID-19 lockdowns. If the authorities had truly sent the youngsters home, they would have this kind of online education.


Many people have quipped that Zoom degrees and programs are ridiculous because of how easy it is to cheat, much as Gilderoy Lockhart was a phony hero with phony adventure stories. When it’s all put together, this meme is a finely constructed joke.

We Are All Slughorn: Harry Potter Funny Memes

Horace Slughorn, one of the most underappreciated characters in Harry Potter, was virtually everyone in 2022. Because of quarantine, everyone nowadays is a forced introvert who is used to staying in, doesn’t want to work, and avoids obligations due to the situation of the world, and Slughorn was no exception.


Voldemort had vowed to destroy the wizarding world as he knew it, and Slughorn had given up and transformed himself into a lumpy recliner so that no one could find him. He was the mood of 2022 before 2022.



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