Famous Ravenclaw Characters
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Famous Ravenclaw Characters in Harry Potter

Ravenclaw is one of Harry Potter’s lesser-known houses. However, it is still home to a lot of Famous Ravenclaw Characters. Who is the best? Let’s see…

Famous Ravenclaw Characters

The Sorting Ceremony, which determines which house the students will be assigned to during their stay at Hogwarts, is an essential part of the Harry Potter series. While there are plenty of Gryffindors and Slytherins in the book, the other two houses are often neglected, especially in the movies.

Ravenclaws are well-known for their brilliance, humor, and inventiveness. Their mascot is an eagle, and Professor Flitwick is their Head of House. While Ravenclaw is one of the lesser-known houses. It is home to some of the most beloved characters. Including Luna Lovegood.

10. Padma Patil: Famous Ravenclaw Characters

Famous Ravenclaw Characters

Padma was sorted into Ravenclaw in the novels whereas she was in Gryffindor in the movies. The shift was likely to keep her in the same residence as her twin sister, Parvati. As they frequently featured in movies together.

In the fourth film, Ron takes Padma to the Yule Ball and, famously, refuses to dance with her. Because he is too preoccupied with his jealously of Hermione. She, like her twin sister, joined Dumbledore’s Army and is plainly plotting a revolution against Umbridge. Although Padma doesn’t receive much screen time in the movies. She obviously fights on Harry’s side and is a reliable ally.

9. Rowena Ravenclaw

Famous Ravenclaw Characters

Rowena was one of the four Hogwarts founders. She is one of the Famous Ravenclaw Characters in Harry Potter. While she is one of many Harry Potter characters who are referenced but never seen. Her legacy is crucial in the novel. Rowena admired intelligently and learning students, which explains the qualities connected with her home.

Ravenclaw’s Diadem, her heirloom, was taken by her daughter and subsequently defiled by Tom Riddle, who used it as one of his Horcruxes. Rowena is also credited with creating Hogwarts’ renowned ever-changing floor design.

Demonstrating how much she valued logic and puzzle-solving. Despite the fact that she does not appear directly.

Rowena is referenced numerous times in the films, notably after the opening of The Chamber of Secrets and during the Battle of Hogwarts, and she left a significant legacy at the school.

8. The Grey Lady

Famous Ravenclaw Characters

The Grey Lady is Ravenclaw’s house ghost and is eventually revealed to be Rowena Ravenclaw’s daughter, Helena Ravenclaw. Helena, regrettably, gave the location of Ravenclaw’s diadem to Tom Riddle.

Something she felt terrible about for many years thereafter.

The Grey Lady also has a connection to one of the other house ghosts. The Bloody Baron, who murdered her in a fit of anger. Helena appeared timid and calm in death. She frequently visited abandoned schools.

In the second film, the Grey Lady is shown reading a book in the Gryffindor common room, demonstrating that even in death. She respected the values of her house.

7. Quirinus Quirrell: Famous Ravenclaw Characters

Famous Ravenclaw Characters

Quirrell was Harry’s first-year Defense Against the Dark Arts instructor. He famously acted as a receptacle for Voldemort. Many of the students and other instructors didn’t take him seriously because of his timid attitude and anxiety, which made him the ideal mask for the Dark Lord.

Unlike the majority of the other antagonists in the novel, Quirrell was not a Slytherin. But rather a Ravenclaw during his time at Hogwarts. Although it may appear unusual for a Ravenclaw to be influenced in this manner. It just goes to show how strong and scary Voldemort truly was.

Quirrell was probably not always wicked, since he had previously taught at Hogwarts as the Muggle Studies Professor.

He was most likely corrupted by his drive for greatness, which is one of Ravenclaws’ most prevalent faults.

6. Gilderoy Lockhart

Famous Ravenclaw Characters

Lockhart, who was also a Ravenclaw, succeeded Quirrell as Professor of Defence Against the Dark Arts. He wasn’t one of the more powerful Potterverse villains. But he is one of the Famous Ravenclaw Characters in the Harry potter chamber of secrets.

But he was undoubtedly evil. He was revealed to be very brilliant, deceiving his followers with wit and charm – yet he never deceived Harry or Ron.

Lockhart is also shown to be an expert at memory charms, which he used on many successful Wizards to steal their achievements. Ironically, one of Lockhart’s memory charms failed when he threatened Ron.

He was left as a dimwitted and weak man. But he is still one of The Wizarding World’s most intriguing characters.

5. Garrick Ollivander: Famous Ravenclaw Characters

Famous Ravenclaw Characters

Ollivander is a well-known person in the Wizarding World. As he provides wands to the majority of British Wizards and Witches. In a famous sequence from the first film. He assists Harry in finding his wand and explains its significance to Voldemort.

Later in the series, Ollivander reappears as a prisoner at Malfoy Manor. Later, he explains wand lore to Harry and the audience. As well as the true meaning of the Elder Wand.

Ollivander’s extensive knowledge and grasp of wand lore make him one of the series’ smartest characters. Thus it’s no surprise that he’s a Ravenclaw.

4. Sybill Trelawney: Famous Ravenclaw Characters

Famous Ravenclaw Characters

Trelawny is one of many Ravenclaws with unusual and quirky personalities. Despite the fact that she teaches Divination at Hogwarts, the figure is frequently mocked and viewed as a fake.

Despite her poor interpretation abilities, Trelawney appeared to be a genuine seer. Her prophesy about Harry and Voldemort and their futures were crucial to the story and had a significant role in the fifth film. Trelawney’s interpretation of her own visions may be gibberish. Yet she possesses strong and powerful skills.

3. Moaning Myrtle

Famous Ravenclaw Characters

When fans first encounter Moaning Myrtle, she is a ghost haunting the girls’ bathroom. Although she was previously a Ravenclaw student at Hogwarts. Myrtle’s death is a significant narrative event and despite her comically theatrical personality. She did assist Harry in discovering the truth about The Chamber of Secrets.

The majority of her episodes include her weeping or cooing over Harry, although there are a few instances where she demonstrates her intellect. Myrtle observes the Polyjuice potion in the drains in the fourth film. She also advises that Harry place the Golden Egg under the water in the prefects’ bathroom.

While Moaning Myrtle is primarily utilized for comedy. Her backstory is important to the series and she is one of the most memorable supporting characters.

2. Filius Flitwick

Famous Ravenclaw Characters

Professor Flitwick is the Charms professor at Hogwarts as well as the Ravenclaw House Head. In the movies, he is also revealed to have a deep connection to music, which is suitable given the inventiveness of many Ravenclaws.

Flitwick is possibly Hogwarts’ most underappreciated teacher, and he is best famous for giving Harry and his students the levitating spell, Wingardium Leviosa.

He evidently cared greatly about his students and his position at Hogwarts. Since he is shown privately cheering when the Weasley twins drive Umbridge out.

Flitwick is also a superb duelist in the novels, having defeated a number of evil Wizards in a fight.

1. Luna Lovegood: Famous Ravenclaw Characters

Famous Ravenclaw Characters

Despite the fact that she isn’t introduced until the fifth film. Luna is one of the Famous Ravenclaw Characters Harry Potter in the Harry Potter series. Luna is frequently harassed and humiliated because of her uniqueness. Yet she never allows this to influence her or changes who she is. She is immediately loyal to Harry and wants to join Dumbledore’s army and fight alongside him.

Luna Lovegood is one of the most unusual characters in the Harry Potter universe. Yet she is proven to be incredibly intelligent and insightful. She appears to understand things far deeper than the ordinary person. Luna is instrumental in Harry locating Ravenclaw’s diadem, which ultimately aids him in defeating Voldemort.

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  1. I love Harry Potter series! I Revenclaw is in fact one of the (if not the most) lesser-known houses. I cannot not explain how afraid I was of Moaning Myrtle when I was little. It gave me the goosegumps because of her voice, her eyes, everything!!! Same happened to me with Quirrell, I do not know why, but I always felt afraid. Is it my idea or Revenclaw´s characters seem to have some dark background? 

  2. Although Harry Potter and the movies have now been around for many years, it is still a firm favourite with so many families. Although Ravenclaw might be one of the lesser known houses, I am very familiar with Ravenclaw as my youngest son was terrified of Lockhart and his evil actions. He used to cover his face with his hands and peep through his fingers every time Lockhart came on the screen. 

    Professor Flitwick and Luna Lovegood are my two favourite Ravenclaw characters and will probably never tire of watching them. 

  3. I’ve always enjoyed Harry Potter, while my wife doesn’t really. So I’ve bits and pieces of the movies here and there, often while substitute teaching in schools in my area. Kids often watch it in school, when their main teacher is out, especially in Middle school. The character and plot development in these books/ movies is pretty remarkable and complex. I liked how you pointed out the similarities and differences between the books and movies. Now I wonder, should I go and watch the movies back to back or read the books first. Regardless, thank you for helping me to better understand a small portion of the Harry Potter legacy! 

  4. Hey thank you for sharing your article on famous Ravenclaw characters!

    Luna is one of my Characters Harry Potter!

    I have watched every single harry potter movie out there ever since i was young.

    What i love about Luna is she never lets her uniqueness influence her or change who she is!

    And she helps Harry defeat Voldemort.

    This is great! Thank you!

  5. Thanks heaps for mentioning Ravenclaw. Barely any other bloggers talk about it and it is easy to see it slide behind the scenes when people are talking about it. Harry Potter is one of the films that really shaped my childhood, and to a certain extent, my adulthood too. Something about the Gray lady just spooked me out the entire time I watched it. However, watching it as an adult, helps me appreciate the creativity of the author.

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