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Credence is Possessed by Ariana’s Obscurus?


Credence was revealed to be Aurelius Dumbledore in Fantastic Beasts 2, but what if that’s not the case? What if Credence’s powers are not his own?


Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets and techniques of Dumbledore will probably uncover additional of Credence’s historic previous as a Dumbledore and presumably get into Credence’s origins as an obscure; nonetheless what if Credence is possessed by Ariana Dumbledore’s obscurus?  Fantastic  Beasts 3 has gotten Harry Potter followers hungry for the latest installment to J.ok. Rowling’s wildly widespread Wizarding World universe. The author has added various new magical information to the canon of the universe, resembling obscures, maledictus’, blood pacts, and the wizarding world’s exterior of Good Britain. The introduction of these parts connects the timelines of Harry Potter and Implausible Beasts’ events.

Implausible Beasts 2 left off with the revelation that Credence (Ezra Miller) is Aurelius Dumbledore after initially believing that he was a descendant of the Lestrange family. Albus Dumbledore (Jude Regulation) duties Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne) to intervene with Grindelwald’s (Johnny Depp) plans and discloses to Newt that he cannot battle Grindelwald instantly as a result of a blood pact the two formed as soon as they have been youthful. After Queenie (Alison Sudol) is coerced into Grindelwald’s movement, more than likely basically the hardest loss inside the sequence so far, Jacob (Dan Fogler) vows to observe Newt get Queenie once more. With Tina Goldstein (Katherine Waterson) at Newt’s side, a model new trio is formed and the journey beckons them into the third chapter of the sequence.

With the title reveal of the upcoming film, followers of the books are fascinated about how quite a bit shall be re-hashed from Dumbledore’s detail earlier specified by the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows novel.

Many marvels if Grindelwald’s revelation to Credence is a lie, which will not be that far-fetched of an opinion. As successfully, one in every of many finest enigmas of the Dumbledore family’s historic previous is the mysterious lack of life of Albus’ youthful sister Ariana and Grindelwald’s involvement. With the complete new particulars about obscurus’, obscures, and with the cope with Dumbledore’s secrets and techniques being the plot of the model new film, it’s fully all through the realm of probability that Credence is being possessed by Ariana Dumbledore’s obscure. Right here is why.

An Obscurus Might Be What Caused Ariana’s Death

 Ariana's Death

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows chronicles a ton of Dumbledore’s earlier when Rita Skeeter writes a posthumous biography regarding the Hogwarts headmaster titled “The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore”. The condemning tell-all e-book does function a stunning amount of details about Albus’ life and his controversial family. Albus’ youthful sister Ariana is assaulted by a bunch of muggle boys at a youthful age, their father Percival retaliates which results in his life imprisonment in Azkaban. Ariana is never identical as soon as extra and suppresses her magical powers, leading to “fits”. After a really nasty tantrum, Ariana by probability kills their mother Kendra Dumbledore and Albus is distributed once more to cope with his sister and youthful brother Aberforth. Once more on the Dumbledore house in Godric’s Hole is the place Albus meets Grindelwald for the primary time.


The books under no circumstances expound upon Ariana’s dying. What was revealed inside the novels is that Grindelwald, Aberforth, and Albus get proper right into a heated argument, curses are fired and Ariana dies. 

Implausible Beasts explains the origin of an obscure byway of Credence by elucidating that suppression of magical powers results in dangerous magical energy possessing the host. If Ariana was suppressing her magic after the assault then it is extraordinarily probable that she has an obscurus.

As effectively, her matches have been dangerous enough to kill her mom and presumably herself. The harmful power of an obscurus is printed in Implausible Beasts as Credence wreaks havoc on New York, killing many No-Majs (or Muggles) and destroying full blocks. Implausible Beasts additionally gave away one different important reality about obscurus’ which helps this idea.

Obscurus’ Can Be Removed From The Host


After Jacob goes into Newt Scamander’s suitcase for the primary time, he encounters an obscure floating ominously inside the snowy tundra. Newt warns Jacob to again off from the harmful parasitic entity and explains that the obscurus was extracted from a youthful Sudanese woman and saved in a magical bubble for additional examination. Later, Graves (Colin Farrell) aka Grindelwald in disguise takes the obscurus from Newt’s case and makes an attempt to frame him for Credence’s destruction.

If Newt Scamander, an inherently good wizard, is able to perform troublesome magic like extracting an obscurus from the host then there isn’t any question that Grindelwald would have the flexibility to as successfully. Though eradicating and obscurus would possibly not technically be darkish magic, it is worth noting that Grindelwald was kicked out of Durmstrang as a result of his exploits at

nighttime arts. The truth that an obscurus can be taken away from the obscure opens up the possibility that Credence, or Aurelius, is being possessed by different individuals. Not solely that, nonetheless, 


Credence’s obscurus is markedly additional extremely efficient than any that the wizarding world has encountered earlier. Given that magical energy is taken into consideration parasitic, which implies it cannot develop the outdoors of a quantity. If Ariana’s obscurus were taken out and put into Credence, which will permit the obscurus to develop and turn into exponentially potent.

Grindelwald Could Be Lying To Credence About Being A Dumbledore


Harry Potter followers shouldn’t be excited regarding the bait-and-switch ending of Implausible Beasts 2 and the concept that Credence is come what may be related to the Dumbledore household. Grindelwald is a grasp manipulator and primarily flexes his power by way of his functionality to affect others. Thus, the hypothesis that Grindelwald lied to Credence about being a Dumbledore has a great deal of deserves. Suppose that Grindelwald is mendacity, that brings up the query of the Dumbledore family phoenix going willingly to Credence. 

The one methodology which may be outlined is that if Credence hosts Ariana’s obscurus. Phoenixes possess many mysterious magical powers, and it’s potential that Fawkes can sense Ariana’s presence dwelling in Credence.

Since Grindelwald was a powerful determine in Albus’ life earlier than the collection, this brings one different prospect to the forefront that helps the hypothesis that Credence is a short-lived dwelling for Ariana’s obscurus.

Grindelwald Had The Alternative To Extract Ariana’s Obscurus


J.Ok. Rowling’s Harry Potter novels verify that Grindelwald was current on the time of Ariana’s dying. Grindelwald’s concept of showing the wizarding world, due to this fact making Muggles subservient to wizards, was as soon as shared by Albus Dumbledore. Grindelwald and Dumbledore labored tirelessly on bringing this idea to fruition, angering Albus’ youthful brother Aberforth. After Aberforth had sufficient a battle broke out, during which Ariana was caught inside the middle. Grindelwald fled the scene immediately, nonetheless, who’s to say the obscurus did not go along with him.





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