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Butterbeer in Real in New York?

Refreshments for Muggles: Harry Potter bar opening in New York, to serve Butterbeer.


Butterbeer is a much-demanded fan-favored soft drink, which appears in the stories and which Hogwarts students and professors enjoy. Fans of Harry Potter New York will take the opportunity to pick that, ice cream, and canned from the draft on June 3rd to enjoy the exclusive Butterbeer Bar in NYC.

Fans will receive a giant cascade of glowing bottles until they are inside the Bar. Each of which is labeled as a collective MinaLima label. While Butterbeer magically crosses the ceiling through copper pipes almost 1,000 flasks of the floor and floats around the counter. Witches, witches, Muggles, and No-are men are welcome to enjoy the spicy cup of that. A refreshing Butterbeer ice cream, and a wide variety of wizard-inspired treatments.

Made and produced in the UK. Bottled one has a totally exclusive look and comes in beautifully made glass souvenir bottles. Each with an exclusive collectible brand mark from MinaLima. The design duo behind Harry Potter and fantastic beasts.


From 3 June fans will also be exploring Harry Potter New York’s brand-new distilled Butterbeer name, which is available in-store only. The MinaLima label was designed to attract fans of Fantastical Bites and Where to Find The Magic Congress of the USA. The collection-like mark features MACUSA and the badges. Crafted in rich reds, whites, and blues, reminiscent of the US flag.

Chilled, best eaten, and bottled straight, the exquisite soft drink offers a modern look to the fans of butterscotch. The special mix of top-secret ingredients makes butter beer bottled a must for any wizard.

If you’re drinking that draft at home or bottled one. Fans will also be welcome to come and share their #ButterbeerCheers with us at @HarryPotterNY. Bar photos are available here.

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