Best Hulu Scary Movies Right Now


Every streaming service offers a plethora of watching alternatives, and Vulture is doing its lot to help you locate the signals among the noise. We want to compile a best-of-the-best list for other platforms just like we attempt to stay up with the top horror movie selections on Netflix. In this case, it’s Hulu. Here are the 40 Best Hulu Scary Movies Right Now and simple-jump-scare requirements.

Best Hulu Scary Movies Right

Best Hulu Scary Movies: Bad Hair (2020)

In this ’80s-set drama about a lethal hair weave, Justin Simien startled viewers by following up his social satire Dear White People with a different sort of film. (You read that correctly.) Elle Lorraine, a newcomer, plays a young lady who works for an MTV-style music station and climbs to popularity after her fantastic new weave aids in the elimination of her rivals. It’s a one-of-a-kind, lively piece of filmmaking.


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