Best Harry Potter Fan Fiction

Best Harry Potter Fan Fiction: Top 10 Must-Read Fanfics

So many Harry Potter fanfics have remained popular over the years, and These are the Best Harry Potter Fan Fiction!

Best Harry Potter Fan Fiction
Best Harry Potter Fan Fiction

Fans are far from being satisfied with the Harry Potter series, as evidenced by the ongoing expansion of the Harry Potter universe, which can take the form of new movies like Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald or new video games like Hogwarts Legacy.

Fanfiction, on the other hand, is one more way that fans have managed to stay connected with the much-loved Wizarding World.

There is a multitude of different Harry Potter fan fiction that further enrich the experience of being a Potterhead. These fan fictions do everything from advance canon storylines to speculate on the future to rewrite fan favorites from outside the canon.

It is to everyone’s benefit that users of Reddit have taken it upon themselves to share some of the very best ones currently available.

Heal Thyself By way of Astolat

Best Harry Potter Fan Fiction
Best Harry Potter Fan Fiction

In spite of the fact that he was introduced to the story as an arrogant, condescending, and sinister adversary, Draco Malfoy ultimately developed into one of the most well-liked characters in the series.

Draco is a popular choice for fanfiction authors as well, and many of these stories attempt to redeem his character and give him a happier ending. One such story is titled “Heal Thyself.”

The following are some of the highlights, as shared by Reddit user Darkest Phoenix07: “The progression of Draco’s career and character are both interesting to watch, in my opinion.” He shifts from being resentful and mired in self-pity to working to improve his life’s trajectory.

I like how you interpreted the healing magic. It really does expand on dark magic effects in a moderate manner… excellent skills in world-building.” In addition to that, it focuses on a ship that has a lot of fans: Drarry.

Fate Is a four-letter word By Philo

Best Harry Potter Fan Fiction
Best Harry Potter Fan Fiction

In the epilogue of Deathly Hallows, an adult version of Harry Potter and his friends are shown.
Some fan fictions rewrite the canon that is currently in use, while others expand Rowling’s original plot by moving events into the future, as is the case with the story Fate Is a Four-Letter Word.

The plot of the story follows Harry as an adult as he tries and fails to live everyday life, as well as the new adventures that lie ahead when the threat reappears.

A member of the Reddit community named maryfamilyresearch revealed that they “absolutely adore this story because it has a very intricate plot and is able to keep you on the edge of your seat throughout its entirety (all 525 thousand words of it).”

There is tension, but there are also many hilarious occurrences. Despite all of the mysteries and intrigue, the story also manages to explore what it means to be a parent and fall in love—particularly when other people object to your choice of partner. Despite all of the mystery and intrigue, the story also manages to explore what it means to be a parent and fall in love with someone. “This is so relatable on so many different levels.”

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Blindness by AngelaStarCat

Best Harry Potter Fan Fiction
Best Harry Potter Fan Fiction

In addition to being one of the most comedic characters, Harry’s willingness to persevere in the face of whatever suffering and loss he was going through was one of the best qualities he possessed. He never gave up in the face of overwhelming obstacles.

This determination is expanded upon further in Blindness, which ultimately results in different outcomes for the attack that Voldemort carried out on baby Harry. It’s interesting to note that the author drew inspiration for the story from his or her own life.

Reichbane, a user on Reddit, found the shift in power dynamics in the story enjoyable, as well as the way it “focuses on the exploration of magic and science in a unique and fun way without Harry lording his power over people and monologuing about how cool, smart, and strong he is.”

Seventh Horcrux by Emerald Ashes

Best Harry Potter Fan Fiction
Best Harry Potter Fan Fiction

The best works of fan fiction are those that readers can return to time and time again and enjoy just as much as they did the first time they encountered them.

One example of this type of fan fiction is The Seventh Horcrux. Fanfiction is known to be humorous and puzzling, despite the fact that it begins with what appears to be a more serious premise.

Reddit user Electrical Ad 8352 provided the following explanation: “The story of Voldemort possessing Harry when he was a baby is told in the Seventh Horcrux, and it is without a doubt one of the funniest works of fiction that I have ever read.

Because of his twisted outlook on the world, even the most mundane events can be made entertaining by the presence of Harry Morris, who is a peculiar but compelling character. This fanfiction might be just the thing for those of you who are looking for something a little bit different.

A Marauder’s Plan By CatsAreCool: Best Harry Potter Fan Fiction

Best Harry Potter Fan Fiction
Best Harry Potter Fan Fiction

There is no denying that Sirius is one of the most well-liked Marauders. As a result, the story arc of his character has been rewritten by a number of fanfiction writers who wanted to portray Harry’s guardian in a more positive and active light.

The events of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, A Marauder’s Plan shows Sirius trying his best to provide Harry with a better and more loving home for himself and his younger brother.

Elias, a user on Reddit, describes it as “a great story about how Sirus decided to stay in England after he was rescued from the tower.”

He dons his Marauder hat and devises a plan to ensure Harry’s safety, even if it requires him to take control of magical Britain. a fantastic tale that everyone ought to check out, particularly if they are a supporter of Padfoot.

Lady of the Lake by Colubrina: Best Harry Potter Fan Fiction

Best Harry Potter Fan Fiction
Best Harry Potter Fan Fiction

While Draco and Harry are among the fan ships with the greatest number of works, Dramione is another popular ship that is on par with Drarry.

Due to the similarities in their personalities and differences in their worldviews, as well as Draco’s learned hatred for Hermione, these two characters have the perfect dynamic for the “enemies-to-lovers” trope. Fanfictions such as “Lady of the Lake” make the most of this dynamic.

A user named yeetbeanie on Reddit stated that it is their “read that you turn to when you need to relax.” Hermione makes the decision to take control of the government, and she does so in a way that is significantly more rational and manipulative than Voldemort’s.

“Draco provides assistance to her in the development of her plan, and the two of them end up getting married… the fic has an amazing balance, and the narrative is extremely satisfying.” Plus, Dramione prevails!

The Serpentine Subterfuge by murkybluematter

Best Harry Potter Fan Fiction
Best Harry Potter Fan Fiction

One of the most appealing aspects of fanfiction is the fact that authors are permitted to deviate from established canon and to populate entirely original worlds with beloved characters.

This is exactly what the Serpentine Subterfuge accomplishes. This fanfiction is a sequel to The Pureblood Pretense and focuses on the difficulties Harriet Potter faces while continuing to pass herself off as a pureblood boy.

According to the user UsernamesAreRuthless on Reddit, they were initially put off by the idea of a female version of Harry, “but after I got over the novelty of it, I found that I couldn’t look away.” The lies that, over time, become increasingly elaborate

Riddle is a politician who uses blackmail to gain power, Snape is a Potions Master who mentors Harry, and so on… James, Lily, and Sirius are honest, and they are exactly as I pictured them in my head. “It has never been more enjoyable for me to completely submerge myself in the world of potions.”

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The Last Enemy: The Howling Nights by CH Darling

Howling Nights by CH Darling
Best Harry Potter Fan Fiction

Many authors have expanded on the teenage adventures of the Marauders and developed their most popular characters, such as Remus and Lupin, based on this popular plot device in the Harry Potter fan fiction series.

The Marauders, along with Lily and Snape, are shown in “The Last Enemy: The Howling Nights” negotiating their lives amidst the mounting tensions of the impending conflict.

A reviewer by the name of TinyButMighty2 on Reddit praised it very highly: “Absolutely the best fan fiction I’ve ever read.” I won’t stop trying to get people to buy it. It’s a story set during the Marauders era, which has been covered quite a bit already.

However, this one is written exceptionally well, fills in a lot of gaps in a very good way, is told from multiple points of view (Snape, Lily, Sirius, Regulus, etc.), is extremely close to canon, and provides a great deal of additional information regarding the concept of “blood politics.” This fanfic is going to be a hit with marauders fans I just know it.

The Disappearances of Draco Malfoy by the public speaker

Draco Malfoy
Best Harry Potter Fan Fiction

The canon events of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince were changed in The Disappearances of Draco Malfoy in order to give Draco Malfoy the redemption arc that he deserved. This was one of several Harry Potter characters who deserved a redemption arc.

The narrative paints a picture of a world where Draco turned his back on the Death Eaters and sided with Dumbledore and Harry, rather than remaining with the Death Eaters and carrying out the Dark Lord’s orders. In addition to that, there is a significant romantic subplot involving Hermione and Draco.

The following is what Reddit user itsasixthing had to say about it: “Despite the fact that I’m not usually a fan of the Draco/Hermione ship, I found myself really enjoying this fanfiction.”

“The redemption arc for Draco was executed very well in my opinion, and the side plot involving Ron made me so happy and featured one of the best Rons that I’ve seen in fanfiction.” Fans of Draco and Ron should both read this one because it is so good.

The Augurey by La-Matrona: Best Harry Potter Fan Fiction

Best Harry Potter Fan Fiction

The Harry and Hermione ship affectionately referred to as “Harmony,” is another fanfiction reader favorite for those who want to see the non-canon romance between the two characters played out.

Fans get that slow-burn build-up between the two in The Augurey, which also incorporates elements from The Cursed Child in an exciting new way.

The user TheOriginalDv on Reddit has described it as “a harmony story in which the three main characters find out about Delphini while they are at Grimmauld Place on the hunt… the story’s prologue is still one of my all-time favorites…

Also, it has one of the best interpretations of Molly Weasley that I’ve read in any fan fiction. “Her conversation with Hermione after Hermione ended her relationship with Ron is still incredible, and it will remain ingrained in my mind for the rest of my life.” A required read for all fans of the Harmony ship!

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