All the Harry Potter Spells
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All the Harry Potter Spells: All Spells On One Place

We attempted to rank All the Harry Potter Spells. The list below is from the least useful to the most useful spells in the magical world. Also, In the end, I will show you the fantastic beast movie with all spells too.

All the Harry Potter Spells

All the Harry Potter Spells

Once upon a time, Harry Potter received his owl as well as his admission letter to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Since that day, millions of fans of his books have wished to receive their own admission letter from Hogwarts.

The magical school where young wizards learn All the Harry Potter spells and embark on other adventures. We muggles may never meet Harry Potter, study spells from Professor Flitwick (such as the death or light spell), or discover which house we are truly sorted into, but we may as well prepare by learning as many renowned Harry Potter spells as we can.

If your owl has been missing for several decades, or if your child is a Muggleborn witch or wizard waiting for their magical talents to be revealed.

All the Harry Potter Spells will ensure you (or your child) are at the top of your class when that letter finally arrives. After all, even if we can’t study all of Harry Potter‘s spells and what they do at school, there’s nothing wrong with little at-home charm practice.

From levitating spells to death, love, healing, and light spells, to those that make objects fly or may help you fight Voldemort without committing a crime, here are all the Harry Potter spells that every respectable witch and wizard should know.


It’s a basic and simple spell, yet it’s quite useful. As her debut spell in the film series, Hermoine uses a version, “Oculus Reparo,” to repair Harry’s spectacles.


This boggart-banishing charm turns something frightening into something amusing. Like when Neville Longbottom imagined the terrifying Professor Snape…then dressed him in his grandmother’s clothing.

All the Harry Potter Spells: Accio

Accio Spell

This summoning charm may be used to bring an object closer to you, making it a perfect spell for the lazy.


Have you misplaced your keys? You’re sneaking into a location where you don’t belong? Taking care of mischief? You’ll never need a locksmith again thanks to this unlocking charm.

All the Harry Potter Spells: Crucio

Crucio Spell

This terrible spell, one of the three unforgivable curses, produces excruciating anguish for your target.

Powerful? Yes. Are you morally sound? Certainly not. Still, this one enters the list because of its unforgettable use by Barty Crouch Jr. as Alastor “Mad-Eye” Moody.

All the Harry Potter Spells: Petrificus Totalus

This is a full-body-bind curse, which is a very simple spell for a novice wizard or witch.

This tiny spell can quickly immobilize your opponent, as Hermoine did to Neville Longbottom.

All the Harry Potter Spells: Wingardium Leviosa

This levitation charm, one of the first spells taught to underclassmen at Hogwarts, may cause things like as feathers to soar or float.

All the Harry Potter Spells: Sectumsempra

Sectumsempra Spell

Professor Severus Snape devised this curse when he was a young man. This evil magic inflicts wounds on your victim that may or may not heal.

The curse, while terrifying, created a big dramatic moment when Harry unleashed it on Draco.

All the Harry Potter Spells: Lumos

Why carry a torch when you can illuminate the tip of your wand with this charm? This is an incredibly helpful spell.

Android users may now switch on and off their handset’s flashlight by saying “OK Google, Lumos” and “OK Google, Nox.”

All the Harry Potter Spells: Expelliarmus

All the Harry Potter Spells

Put your opponent on the defensive with this disarming spell that knocks objects out of grasp, such as your opponent’s wand.

All the Harry Potter Spells: Avada Kedavra

The killing curse is another terrible spell…a Dark Arts weapon. It’s plainly the weakest spell of them all, yet its potency cannot be overlooked on such a list.

Having said that, we can’t rank this spell at the top of the list because Harry was able to defeat it with his own mojo.

All the Harry Potter Spells: Obliviate

All the Harry Potter Spells

This incantation has the power to wipe memories from your subject’s memory. If you happen to be Gilderoy Lockhart, you could unintentionally perform this spell on yourself.

All the Harry Potter Spells: Confundo

This charm confuses a person or bewitches an object, such as a broom, making it ideal for mischief.

All the Harry Potter Spells: Expecto Patronum

This is without a doubt the most well-known spell in the film series. This potent defensive spell conjures up a joyful memory to conjure up something nice, like as a silvery-white animal capable of driving away Dementors.

All the Harry Potter Spells: Imperio

We know what you’re thinking: why is a spell used by Harry Potter to recover a horcrux so low on the list of usefulness? Wouldn’t the wizarding world be a different place if Harry hadn’t used the Imperius Curse to gain access to Gringotts? Well, perhaps.

But, if we look at it honestly, an Unforgivable Curse that places the victim completely under the caster’s control is both a) plainly very wicked and b) a good way to end up in Azkaban for life.

All the Harry Potter Spells: Morsmordre

Bad guys utilize this to summon the Dark Mark in the skies. You don’t want to be a jerk, do you? (Also, morality aside, the caster is essentially erecting a massive sign notifying everyone to their wicked existence, which seems a little silly.)

All the Harry Potter Spells: Brackium Emendo

So, this one is supposed to cure fractured bones. At least, that’s what Gilderoy Lockhart intends when he uses it on Harry in The Chamber of Secrets. Why is it placed to the list’s worthless spells section?

In the novel, all it accomplishes is completely eliminate Harry’s bones. Now, a minor caveat: because this is the only time we see the spell used, it’s unclear if Lockhart pronounced it incorrectly or just cast it incorrectly.

We’re presuming the former, which is why Brackium Emendo is sent to the worthless pile – but if the spell was real, it would be far more beneficial. Lockhart should have attempted Episkey, a healing spell from the more useful portion of this list.

All the Harry Potter Spells: Confringo

In the universe of Harry Potter, there are a few spells that create explosions, and this is one of them. But what distinguishes it is that the explosion may be rather hot at times. A flaming explosion spell may have no other purpose but to do a lot of harm.

All the Harry Potter Spells: Slugulus Eructo

Ron Weasley tries to perform this on Draco Malfoy, but the spell fails owing to a defective wand. As a result, For a while, he vomits slugs. This one earns points for originality but no credit for utility.

All the Harry Potter Spells: Furnunculus

This one covers an adversary with boils, which is both disgusting and cruel.


Another one that earns marks for originality (it causes the target’s teeth to grow) but no points for practicality.

Locomotor Wibbly

In theory, turning someone’s legs to jelly might slow down an attacker. What’s the issue? There are other spells that do the same purpose but are much easier to speak.


This one is similar to Locomotor Wibbly, except instead of turning the victim’s legs to jelly, it causes them to dance wildly. Still pointless, but a little more entertaining.

All the Harry Potter Spells: Serpensortia

What may be the reason you’d need to summon a snake? Perhaps if you decided you wanted a snake as a pet but weren’t ready to make a firm commitment. Then you could use Serpensortia to summon one for a while and see how it went.

However, unless you want to generate a high amount of discomfort during a fight, that is basically the only purpose.


Is it really necessary to cast a spell that lifts someone upside-down into the air? It’s just irritating.


Sure, a spell that allows you to write in fiery marks is amazing, but you could just as easily use a pen.

All The Harry Potter spells: Not-so useful

All the Harry Potter Spells


This spell seems to shoot a tiny item at a target, similar to a pea-shooter but lacking the physical shooty aspect. In other words, it’s mildly entertaining, albeit mainly meaningless. Lupin uses it in the novels to launch a wad of chewing gum at Peeves.


In The Deathly Hallows, Hermione uses magic to stop several pursuing Death Eaters by turning a tapestry to stone. That’s very great, but are you ever going to be in a scenario like that?

Alarte Ascendare

Please let us know if you can think of a useful application for throwing an object into the air. Also, wouldn’t Wingardium Leviosa (a highly important sort of spell) be a better substitute? At the very least, you have control over where the target goes with that one.


It converts steps into a slide. Although this one would be fantastic for sliding out of your office at 5 p.m. when the elevator is full and you can’t be bothered to climb the stairs, it’s not really practical.

Locomotor mortis

This spell immobilizes the target’s legs. We’d guess that it’s slightly more successful than the completely worthless Locomotor Wibbly, but it’s still not as effective (or as easy to say) as another spell further up on our list. It is also not as effective as our following spell…

Petrificus Totalus

This one causes the target’s entire body to freeze up, thereby paralyzing them. A decent strategy to halt an opponent’s progress? Sure. However, there are other spells available — hello, Stupefy — that would perform the same purpose better than Locomotor Mortis.


Levicorpus is reversed by this spell. It’s an antidote to a bothersome spell, which is nice, but considering how worthless the original is, the treatment can’t truly propel it into the more helpful spell tiers.


It’s great to conjure flowers! No one can refute it. But, let’s face it, if you could only learn one spell, it wouldn’t be this one, would it?


A bird-conjuring charm is slightly cooler than a flower-conjuring charm, and it’s ideal for impersonating a muggle magician. Aside from that, its applications are very restricted.

In the novels, Hermione Granger casts this one, combining it with Oppugno to unleash a frantic flock on an unsuspecting Ron. It’s an obviously unique method to communicate discontent, but it’s not something you’d use every day.


Objects fall/move downwards as a result of this spell. Ron uses it to lower the ladder leading to his house’s attic at one point in the novels, which pretty about sums up how amazing this spell is.


A charm that reveals hidden messages sounds handy, but think about it: how frequently do you come across hidden messages on a daily basis? In the novels, Hermione casts this on Tom Riddle’s journal.

It achieves nothing; if a trio who are continuously immersed in mystery-solving scarcely needs it, the typical witch or wizard will have even less use for it.


The target is blindfolded in this one. But just for hide and seek and beating stuffed centaurs at children’s birthday parties. It’s rather pointless for the typical wizard – Harry and the group might use it sometimes, like our next spell Incarcerous, but I doubt most wizards would.


A spell for tying people up is handy if you’re up to the type of wicked wizard-capturing shenanigans that Harry and the gang are frequently up to, but it’s less useful if you’re anybody else.


We’re not arguing that a spell that shoots holes in the earth couldn’t be beneficial — Hermione uses it to escape death eaters in The Deathly Hallows, after all — but the possibilities are limited. Deprimo might possibly be utilized in the building sector or for excavation, but that’s about all.

Meteolojinx Recanto

A charm to dispel weather curses! That is a specialized market.


A spell that forces something to attack something else may appear to be cruel, yet it may also be used in self-defense (say, to set your dog on a scary Death Eater). Even so, you’d need a dog nearby.

All Harry Potter spells: The sort of useful

All the Harry Potter Spells

Point me

It’s perhaps the most boring spell in the whole Harry Potter seven-book series (it makes wands point north), but we suppose it may be handy for orienteering. Or if you’re trapped in a maze, like Harry was in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. But why not use a compass?


In The Goblet of Fire, Amos Diggory casts this spell to dispel the Dark Mark created in the sky during the Quidditch World Cup. So it appears to be somewhat beneficial, but because we don’t know the full range of what it can truly remove, we can’t really move it up the list.

Specialis Revelio

This one displays magic cast on an object, which is a little niche. Even so, it’d be a useful tool if you bought anything at a garage sale and wanted to be sure it wasn’t cursed.

Prior Incantato

This one functions similarly to an online search history for your wand, displaying which spells have already been cast. Sure, it’s not very useful for the ordinary wizard, but it’s definitely a vital law enforcement tool.

Homenum Revelio

Do you suspect you have a magical invader in your home? Homenum Revelio will make their presence known! This is another one you’re unlikely to use on a regular basis, although it may have its (occasional) applications.


In The Deathly Hallows, Hermione uses this to set up a tent. Anyone who has attempted to build a tent before knows that it is usually considerably more inconvenient and time-consuming than you anticipate. What person wouldn’t desire a fast fix? (You also get to shout Erecto extremely loudly in a peaceful camping area, which is unquestionably the finest reason to cast this spell.)


This one locks items, which may be beneficial if you’re attempting to conceal from someone who isn’t magical, or if you don’t have your key with you.


It enhances sound! There’s no need for any more speakers, microphones, or megaphones.


Muffliato causes a buzzing in the ears of others close, allowing you to conduct a private discussion in the middle of a public place. This is useful if you’re a spy, but wouldn’t it get unpleasant if everyone did it?


In the novels, Harry primarily employs this spell (which compels something to lose its grasp) to rescue a dragon in Gringotts and himself from the claws of a Grindylow during the Triwizard Tournament.

So how beneficial it is to you will most likely depend on how much adventuring you do (although you could probably also use it for more mundane purposes, like to excavate yourself from a clutch of brambles).


Moving and levitating wooden things would be ideal for moving home and gathering firewood. However, there isn’t much else.


Confringo-style, but with less firepower. This one is higher on the list since it appears to be a little safer — and who knows, maybe it might be used for demolition?


Blasting solid objects apart may sound risky, but consider how quickly you might remove a fallen tree from the road or break through a wall.

All the Harry Potter Spells: Diffindo

This spell cuts stuff, thus it’s essentially the magical equivalent of a good pair of scissors. Scissors are quite useful, aren’t they?


A spell that gouges through ground may not seem particularly useful, but consider how valuable it would be for archaeologists and passionate gardeners.

Capacious Extremis

This is a really nice spell. It essentially makes the space within anything appear larger than it is on the outside, such as Doctor Who’s Tardis. Will you use it on a daily basis? Most likely not. But it’s a pipe dream for houses, luggage, and automobiles.

Piertotum Locomotor

Bringing inanimate items to life to perform your bidding sounds like supervillain stuff, but it’s actually very wonderful. In the novels, Professor McGonagall uses Piertotum Locomotor on the Hogwarts statues to assist protect the school during the Battle of Hogwarts. You might, however, utilize it for something more mundane, such as vacuuming.


Yes, we know what you’re thinking: if the Imperius Curse is so worthless, why would a charm designed to mislead people elevate it to a higher level? Unlike Imperio, this one feels more like it might be employed for self-defense.

You might use it to deceive a robber or to dissuade a door-to-door salesperson, for example. In the novels, Harry uses it to steal a bank (which we wouldn’t suggest), but at least he does it for the right reasons.


Quietus, as the name suggests, makes things quieter. Ideal for noisy dogs, yowling newborns, and overly exuberant friends. We thought this spell was far more beneficial than its counterpart Sonorus, but wouldn’t people rather silence than amplify?


This one is for cleaning up liquid spills. It’s not the finest household spell in your repertoire, but it’s not far behind.


In The Half-Blood Prince, Harry learns this spell from Snape’s old potions book and uses it to good effect against Peeves and Filch. In a nutshell, it adheres the victim’s tongue to the roof of their mouth, preventing them from speaking.

It’s useful for stopping verbal spells, although it’s not quite as powerful as a comparable spell — Silencio! — farther down the list.


Remember all those pointless Locomoter spells farther down the list that take forever to say? Impedimenta, on the other hand, is a more effective technique to halt a target.

All The Harry Potter spells: The very useful

All the Harry Potter Spells


Even the most indoorsy wizards will require bandaging from time to time.


You’ll need the counter spell to extinguish your wand if you’re planning to transform it into a light.


A spell that makes things waterproof! No, it’s hardly the most fascinating thing in the world, but consider the practical applications! This one is mostly used for Quidditch in the novels, but in rainy old England, it would be very useful on a daily basis, especially for individuals who wear glasses like Harry.


Ah, the rising allure. It’s ideal for caring to a thriving vegetable garden, but it should never be used on animals.

Salvio Hexia

In The Deathly Hallows, Hermione casts this spell, which protects a location from hexes, to secure the trio’s forest encampment. It’s presumably the magical equivalent of a good guard dog, which comes in useful if you’re afraid about being ambushed.

Repello Muggletum

When it comes to pesky muggles, this one repels them! It’s critical whether you want to hide away in a magical woodland camp or organize a massive Quidditch competition (or for pretty much any muggle-based avoidance you might want to engage in, which for wizards is probably quite a lot).


This spell converts a non-portkey item into a portkey. That’s essentially the same as creating a small tube station in your own home with nothing more than your wand and an old boot, or whatever. You could apparate or utilize the floo network instead.

But this is definitely the safest way to convey the entire family. (However, if you’re Albus Dumbledore, make sure you have legal clearance—or don’t.)


This spell, along with Accio and Expelliarmus, appears on about every other page of Harry Potter. What’s the reason? The ability to stun a victim is a very useful spell for self-defense.

All the Harry Potter Spells: Rennervate

This is another critical first aid spell that allows the caster to awaken an unconscious person. If the necessity arises, it’s ideal for anti-stupefying.


A small injury healing spell would be invaluable for a parent — no more scraped knees and bleeding noses — and highly beneficial for almost everyone.


This renders the victim totally deafeningly quiet. So it essentially performs the same thing as Langlock (that is, it prevents an adversary from performing a speech spell on you), but it may also be helpful for inanimate items.

Is your motorcycle loud? Silencio! What’s a pneumatic drill? Silencio! Those pesky TV commercials? Silence, silence, silence!


Cleaning isn’t glamorous, but it’s necessary – especially when you’re creating sloppy potions or cleaning out the cage of your beloved pet owl. A general cleaning spell would make things much simpler.

Finite Incantatem

A spell that can counter or reverse other spells would be invaluable in any wizarding household. It’s similar to the Command-Z for wizards. It won’t stop every spell, but it’s ideal for naive youngsters, causing havoc on magical animals, and jinx-happy teens.


To defend oneself, every good magician need a shield charm.


A magic to save you from choking! This one is employed by Slughorn in the novels to keep Marcus Belby from choking on a mouthful of pheasant. But consider how many lives that would save.


This one can create fire, which has been a highly sought-after skill since humans (and, presumably, wizards) first roamed the earth’s surface.

All the Harry Potter Spells: Evanesco

Making objects vanish is classic magic, but don’t limit yourself to rabbit-in-the-hat tricks. Consider the larger picture. You could use this to make all the garbage in your house vanish, or a group of wizards might work together to clean up dump areas.

It’d be a fantastic period for the environment.

All the Harry Potter Spells: Aguamenti

This one generates water. Consider how many issues that might be solved.

All The Harry Potter spells: That debuted in ‘Fantastic Beasts

All the Harry Potter Spells

Appare Vestigium

Spell that “materializes as a swirl of gold” and reveals “traSpell that “materializes as a swirl of gold” and reveals “traces of recent magical action.” Used by Newt to track beasts and Tina.


Takes an object that belongs to someone and transforms it into a means of locating that individual. To locate Kama, Newt used the magic on the feather from his cap.


A counter-spell for Protego Diabolica. Flamel and his pals use it. This one has been seen before, but not in this form.


This effect creates a whirling fog. Dumbledore’s cloak, which he uses to keep hidden, drops over London.

Protego Diabolica

Creates a protective circle around Grindelwald, allowing those who are really on his side to pass through the flame. The flame is described as a “black fire” twice in Rowling’s book, but it is blue in the film.


ecasts a love enchantment spell and removes it. Newt used it on Jacob to break Queenie’s spell.

Papyrus Reparo

Restores a ripped postcard


Newt used this spell to repel the Auror Stebbins by creating a hurricane-force wind.

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