12 Most Highly effective Characters, Ranked


Over the course of That Time I Received Reincarnated As A Slime, Rimuru Tempest slowly leveled up from a lowly slime monster right into a Demon Lord. On his journey to create a nation for fellow monsters, he acquired {powerful} followers and fought towards even stronger enemies.

Whereas Rimuru is the principle protagonist of the present, he’s under no circumstances its strongest character. From the Demon Lords to the Knights of the Western Holy Church, there’s quite a few characters who possess unbelievable ability on the battlefield.

Up to date on Could 18th, 2022 by Tanner Fox: Isekai anime could come throughout as a bit stale nowadays, however some collection handle to maintain these samey setups feeling contemporary, and That Time I Received Reincarnated As A Slime is a reasonably main a part of the style’s continued success.

With a brand new film slated for launch sooner or later in 2022, there’s by no means been a greater time to get into That Time I Received Reincarnated As A Slime. With loads of memorable, ultra-powerful characters, it is excellent for many who love action-packed high-fantasy, and, whereas a number of the characters are ridiculously over-the-top, that solely provides to the enchantment of the collection.


12 Geld

Geld using his Rot Skill

The brand new chief of the Orcs that stay within the Jura Tempest Federation, Geld assumed his place after Rimuru defeated his father, the Orc Catastrophe Geld, in battle. After being named by Rimuru, he took his deceased father’s title and lots of of his former powers.

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He’s now one among Rimuru’s strongest followers, notably when it comes to sheer brute energy. Whereas not as expert as Hakurou or Benimaru, he’s bodily {powerful} as seen by his capability to beat the Otherworlder Shogo Taguchi into the bottom together with his naked palms. Moreover, his Rot Talent can sap opponents of their energy and slowly decay their our bodies.

11 Suphia, The White Tiger Claw

Suphia from That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime.

One of many Beast Kingdom’s three Beastketeers, Suphia is thought for her ferocious aura which granters her the pure ethos of a frontrunner. Wild and animalistic, she’s a formidable competitor who is ready to maintain her personal towards Shion in a duel.

In fact, her animal type offers her much more of an edge in fight, and he or she deserves to be remembered as one among That Time I Received Reincarnated As A Slime‘s biggest warriors although she’s very seldom seen.

10 Hakurou

Hakurou defeats his students

Probably the most expert fighter amongst Rimuru’s followers, Hakurou is a gifted swordsman who has devoted his life to perfecting his artwork. He’s very perceptive, in a position to decide his opponent’s talents and energy degree at a look.

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Regardless of his superior age, Hakurou could be very spry and possesses lightning-fast reflexes. In his combat towards the Otherworlder Kyoya Tachibana, Hakurou’s Crestwater Slash is so quick that Tachibana’s All-Seeing Eye Talent cannot sustain with its actions. None of Rimuru’s subordinates are higher suited to the duty of coaching the troopers of Tempest, as Hakurou’s expertise and ability put him on a totally totally different degree in comparison with any of the opposite monsters in Rimuru’s service.

9 Shizue Izawa

That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime Shizue Izawa

Not solely was Shizue Izawa an A+ ranked adventurer of the Free Guild’s Headquarters, however she was additionally in a position to overcome a tragic backstory that was each bit as fascinating as these of the collection’ extra central characters.

One other character from real-world Japan, she was injured in a World Battle 2 bombing earlier than being summoned by Demon Lord Leon Cromwell and certain to the Flame Large Ifrit. She was ultimately taken underneath the wing of Hinata, who granted her an anti-magic masks that she would ultimately bequeath to Rimuru.

8 Benimaru

Benimaru defeats the Knights guarding the barrier

The chief of the Kijin and the strongest fighter amongst his brethren, it is no marvel that Benimaru is the Commander-in-Chief of Tempest’s army. Whereas not as expert as Hakurou or as bodily sturdy as Shion, he’s a well-rounded fighter who additionally makes use of {powerful} fire-based assaults.

In the course of the battle towards the Orc military, Benimaru takes out a whole lot of Orcs with every blast of his fireplace assault. Later, within the counterattack towards the barrier outposts guarded by the Knights of the Western Holy Church, he slays dozens of Knights together with his sword in a matter of seconds. He’s worthy of his place as Rimuru’s right-hand monster, and he has room to develop much more {powerful}.

7 Hinata Sakaguchi

Hinata Sakaguchi and Dead End Rainbow

The chief of the Western Holy Church’s Ten Nice Saints and Shizue Izawa’s former disciple, Hinata is the strongest Otherworlder within the collection other than Rimuru. She is totally devoted to her trigger to rid the world of evil monsters and fights with each ruthless effectivity and ability.

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Hinata is a artful fighter, as seen throughout her duel with Rimuru. Earlier than the combat started, she put a barrier over the battlefield that sapped Rimuru of a lot of his energy. Her sword, Useless Finish Rainbow, can destroy the non secular physique of any goal in simply seven hits, making her a very terrifying opponent who can choose an enemy aside within the blink of a watch.

6 Diablo

Diablo summoned by Rimuru

A Demon Primordial summoned by Rimuru after slaying 10,000 troopers of Falmuth, Diablo is simply Rimuru’s strongest subordinate. Whereas followers have solely had a brief glimpse of his talents to date, it is clear that Diablo possesses each {powerful} magic and is lethal in shut fight.

Shortly after Rimuru summons Diablo and his Higher Demon servants, Rimuru duties Diablo with capturing the hiding mage, Razen. Razen makes an attempt to withstand seize, however Diablo casually counters each assault Razen throws at him together with {powerful} spells, high-leveled spirits, and devastating punches. The combat was brief however thrilling, and followers are already hoping Diablo will get extra alternatives to point out off his abilities because the collection progresses.

5 Demon Lord Frey

Demon Lord Frey captures Carrion

An affiliate of Milim Nava, not a lot is thought about Demon Lord Frey. She seems solely briefly on the finish of Milim’s and Carrion’s combat, however, based mostly upon her title as a Demon Lord alone, it is apparent that she could be very {powerful}.

Frey has the looks of a harpy and sports activities a pair of enormous feathered wings. Whereas she has but to disclose any of her abilities, she is clearly very quick, as she was in a position to sneak up on Carrion and put her knife to his throat undetected. If she proves to be as {powerful} as the opposite Demon Lords within the collection, then she has solely proven a sliver of her capabilities.

4 Demon Lord Carrion

Demon Lord Carrion looks concerned fighting Milim Nava

The King of the Beast Kingdom Eurazania, Carrion is a Demon Lord together with Milim, Frey, and the newly ascended Rimuru. Carrion instructions many {powerful} subordinates and is extensively generally known as the Beast Grasp, each testaments to his energy.

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In battle, Carrion makes use of a number of distinctive abilities that make him a troublesome opponent to cope with. His Royal Beast Talent permits him to remodel right into a chimera that enhances his energy and dexterity, and his Beast Roar is a devastating explosive assault. Though he in the end proves no match for Milim, he’s nonetheless one of many strongest characters within the collection.

3 Rimuru Tempest

Rimuru about to attack the Orc Disaster, Geld

The foremost protagonist of the That Time I Received Reincarnated As A Slime collection and chief of the Jura Tempest Federation can also be one of many present’s strongest characters. Rimuru could seem like only a lowly slime, however he’s a crafty fighter and possess a veritable military of distinctive abilities that make him very adaptable in fight.

Whereas he’s under no circumstances a slouch in hand-to-hand fight, his true energy rests in his {powerful} magic and abilities. He is ready to shortly regenerate injury, and he can shapeshift into any type to spice up his velocity and energy. Moreover, his Predation Talent permits him to swallow his enemies complete and combine their methods into his physique. With such a ability, Rimuru will solely proceed to get stronger, and he’s on the trail to changing into probably the most {powerful} monster on this planet.

2 Veldora Tempest

Veldora before being consumed by Rimuru

One of many 4 True Dragons, the Storm Dragon Veldora Tempest belongs to the strongest class of monsters that exist on this planet. Veldora is a flying pure catastrophe, and, though he was imprisoned by the previous summoned Hero for a whole lot of years, it is troublesome to overestimate his energy.

He’s so {powerful} that his mere presence was sufficient to maintain many monsters away from the Jura Forest whereas he was locked away. His physique is massive and {powerful}, and he undoubtedly possesses many distinctive abilities and magical assaults, as nicely.

1 Milim Nava

Milim about to attack Carrion

Also called the “Destroyer,” Milim Nava is with out query the strongest character within the collection. She is among the oldest Demon Lords in existence and is the kid of one of many 4 True Dragons. Milim is so {powerful} that she actually destroyed a complete nation as a baby, an act that allowed her to evolve right into a Demon Lord.

Regardless of her tiny body, Milim is extremely quick and {powerful}. She simply bests the a lot bigger Carrion in fight and eviscerates his palace with a single blast from her Drago Nova Talent. There isn’t any doubt that Milim might go toe-to-toe with any character within the collection, and, hopefully, she and Rimuru stay associates—in any other case, he and his associates are in deep trouble.

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